Echo Resonates with a Deeper Understanding of Marvel

The Disney+ series finally understands that less may be more.

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Fantastic acting and directing all around
Easily the most even and consistent MCU series
The best of both Netflix and Disney+ shows
*This* is the show they decide to skimp on the episode count? Really?
The series finalé can feel a little abrupt.
No, really, this is the first time an MCU show could have actually used a sixth episode!

The only failing of Echo is the sheer lack of hype and marketing it has received. Marvel Studios’ latest foray into television marks the debut of its Marvel Spotlight banner, indicating a focus on characters who may not necessarily feature much connection to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). And, while the MCU shows have been a collection of hits and misses, Echo is a strong opening for the Spotlight banner, easily matching, if not surpassing, many of its Netflix-era cousins.

Following an extensive prologue offering insight to her origin as well as an awesome cameo paired with one of the sickest action sequences since the first season of Netflix’s Daredevil (y’know, that one), Echo jumps forward to some time following the events of 2021’s Hawkeye and her fateful encounter with the Kingpin.

The cast of the series very quickly prove to be some of the strongest elements of Echo. While not all characters get to play a consistent role across the series, no one character is left forgotten, with all having parts to play come finalé. More amazingly, however, is the consistent integration of sign language done organically while also placing emphasis on the necessity of it as a medium of communication.

Like many of the MCU shows during the Disney+ run, Echo does suffer from a tad unevenness in pacing and writing. Unlike the others, though, and perhaps due to a shorter run, the unevenness is shortlived and the show recovers quickly from any dips.

Ironically, Echo might also be the one MCU show which may have benefited from an additional episode. Certain season finalé revelations, while somewhat established, feel rather abrupt in execution and can be jarring. But, at no point, do they feel unearned and, that in itself, is a narrative win.

Echo is also distinctively separate from its Disney+ siblings by way of production style. Far more innovative and slicker than the Disney run of Marvel’s television, Echo’s action, sharp directing, and sharper editing echoes the style of the preceding Netflix shows it now serves to bridge into.

This is made all that more obvious with a mid-credit scene in the finalé episode, something those familiar with the comics would be pretty hyped about.

Echo is now available in its entirety on Disney+, and will be almost certainly be a key watch prior to the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again.