Mutant Dystopia Returns in Years of Future Past #1!

Because a few days of it wasn’t enough, here’s Years of Future Past. Leaping into the fray of Secret Wars alongside a plethora of other alternate universes, writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Mike Norton Years of Future Past return to the fan favourite reality that was the inspiration for X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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Cover Art by Art Adams
Cover Art by Art Adams

Amid the ravaged hellscape of Battleworld’s Sentinel Territories, armies of armored behemoths patrol the skies and streets. Their mission – exterminate all mutants! Amid the rubble walks Kate Pryde – mother, warrior, X-Man. A heroine tried and true and tested by war, she stokes the fires of revolution.

“Harkening back to the source material, this Kitty Pryde is a grown woman – now called Kate Pryde,” says writer Marguerite Bennett in an interview with Marvel.com. “She is no longer a desperate girl with nothing to lose, she’s a mother and wife with more to lose than ever before. On her shoulders rest not only the lives of her family and friends and a solitary mission, but the survival of her entire people who are dwindling to nothingness through the purges of the Sentinels and the abuses of the regime in power.”

Rebellion is in the air, and Kate Pryde will do anything to ensure the survival of her people – including breaking the remaining X-Men out of their military prison! But is she willing to risk everything, even her family? The answers lie within this June in Years of Future Past #1!

Written by Marguerite Bennet
Art by Mike Norton
Cover by Art Adams
On Sale This June!