Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed – A Must For All Fans

As a fan of KOEI’s original turn-based Romance of Three Kingdoms, the Dynasty Warriors franchise has always provided an outlet that allows fans to experience the characters in the popular saga up close. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed though take it the next step and brings those same characters with you wherever you go.

I’ve always thought of the Dynasty Warriors franchise as a good escape from the RTK series. Don’t get me wrong, I love the strategy aspects of the franchise, but over the years it’s become quite a heavy game that’s quite complicated.

Dynasty Warriors on the other hand, is the other side of the same coin. Where RTK is the turn-based strategy game that places great focus on strategy, economics and recruitment, Dynasty Warriors is all about the action and graphics.

I’ve always been skeptical about mobile ports of PC and console games – but the truth is, some of our mobile devices are more powerful than the consoles and PCs of yesteryear. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed looks beautiful and plays extremely well and fluid on the mobile. Crisp graphics bring the characters and action to life and anyone who’s ever played any of the Dynasty Warriors games would feel right at home.

A major content update has recently been released for the game as well which adds 10 new stages, including a seventh chapter – infamous ‘Battle at Red Cliff’. The ‘Battle of Red Cliff’, one of the most pivotal moments in the Han Dynasty that led to the creation of the three kingdoms is recreated in a very fluid way that not only makes you enjoy the game, but the story behind it as well. However, don’t expect The Battle of Red Cliff to be a walk in the park as the stages are harder than any of the ones before. However, the rewards are much better as well.

Being a mobile game, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed also has the ‘trading card’ mechanic which most developers now employ. The latest content update though, allows you to do more with the officers you have, and are going to receive.

Have too many officers stuck at level 30 because they only have 3 stars? Maybe regardless of his rank he just happens to be one of your favourite characters. Now, with the ‘Fusion’ system, you can fuze two officers of the same level and stars to upgrade to an officer with an additional star, allowing you to further train that officer. While 6 star officers though can’t be synthesized, they’re ready for transcendence.

Hit level cap at 60? Officers can now transcend beyond the limits of a normal human and become a warrior not to be trifled with by training him up to level 80. Before you can transcend an officer though, you must have an account level of 45.

Don’t fancy playing alone? Join a Guild. Now guild leaders can create a guild dungeon after the guild has reached level 3. Guild dungeons can be created once per day and will be reset at 00:00 (UTC+0). Only one guild dungeon can be active at any one time though. If you create a dungeon, the existing guild dungeon will be closed.

Guild members can participate in a guild dungeon twice per day. Ingots will be consumed for additional participation and all guild members will receive rewards if a guild dungeon has been cleared with 100% achievement.
Based on guild fame and contribution, you’ll receive different rewards. You can also obtain Silver or Gold War Medals upon clearing a guild dungeon, which can then be used to trade different items at Trade Shop.

Another feature that’s received an upgrade is the ‘Conquest’ mode. Conquest mode allows players to use their Officers to ‘occupy’ regions on the map of China. With the latest content update, two new regions have been added – Yang and Yu.

Previously, once you’ve assigned an officer to a region, he can’t be used again for another region. Which meant you needed a strong stable of fully equipped officers to stand a chance at completion. Now, officers can be chosen again for another region by paying the required amount of ingots.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed truly lives up to its name – from the ability to carry it wherever you go, to creating a game that takes the franchise a step forward in the right direction. The latest content update helps flesh out quite a comprehensive game even more and definitely adds more functionality to improve gameplay and the overall experience.It is a must download for fans.

Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is available now as a free download on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.

To learn more, visit the official Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed website: http://unleashed.nexon.com/en or it’s Facebook page.

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