Dusty Revenge Bashes Its Way Old School Style!

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The Good
Fantastic art
Fun action gameplay
Interesting setting
The Bad
Story gets forgettable
Seems to be a better fit for arcade machines than computers

Very rarely do I come across a new game that incites nostalgia with its gameplay and action, while also satisfying my requirement for modern looking graphics.

Conceptualised and developed by Singaporean game company PD Design Studio, Dusty Revenge pushes the boundaries of being a fast-paced 2D, side-scrolling action-platform game, adding much exhilaration to the tried and tired genre of shoot ‘em up games.

With a visually appealing art style mixing the settings of old spaghetti westerns and traditional comic book graphics, Dusty Revenge is surprisingly immersive given its old-school gaming ideals in a world where most casual gamers are generally spoiled by overtly flashy graphics.

While the sequence of the game suffers a little from repetitiveness, the recurring combat bits keep it fun and engaging. Mixing traditional arcade style fighting with modern graphics is a massive pay off and ends up making you feel nostalgic and satisfied at the same time.

In fact, a couple of levels into the game, and you’ll be regretting not being able to play this on a good ol’ arcade machine, slamming buttons and abusing the joystick in a way you never would on your laptop.

Unlike other games of its genre, though, Dusty Revenge places some sincere effort on its story. Unfortunately, with the long levels and intense battle sequences in the middle, the story doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Nevertheless, the comic book-esque art during cut scenes are worth appreciating.

In fact, if there were any companion items to the game, I’d say a comic book would be a sure fire. With its fantastic art direction, quirky anthropomorphic characters, great cross between cute and vicious, Dusty already has all the makings of a fun graphic novel.

Dusty Revenge is currently on sale on Steam for $6.59 at a 67% discount (it usually retails at $19.99).

For more on Dusty, check out the gallery for their sequel Dusty Raging Fist at Artblovk (195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #03-05, Singapore 168976) currently ongoing till the 06th of August!

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