Dungeon Link Launches Globally on App Store and Google Play

Link your way to victory in Dungeon Link, a new puzzle game now available on App Store and Google Play today. Developed by KONG STUDIOS in San Jose, CA, Dungeon Link combines RPG features like battles, teams, and a story with block-connecting puzzles for an original puzzle RPG.

Dungeon Link takes place in the whimsical world of Kanterbury, where the Demon King has caused disorder and chaos – and it is now up to a team of heroes to journey through dungeons, solve the mystery, and restore peace. Throughout the game, players can recruit and summon over 200 heroes to create a party of five with diverse attacking and healing abilities. Using all team members, players will link color-coded blocks to strike their enemies and clear each stage.

Players can participate in boss raids and daily dungeons, challenge others to PvP games, and chat with friends in the game. They can also complete daily quests and long-term achievements to receive additional rewards.

Won Sok and Jee Lee, co-founders of KONG STUDIOS, met in 2008 as graduate students at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Five years later, they created their studio and began the development of Dungeon Link. Published by GAMEVIL USA, Dungeon Link is KONG STUDIOS’ first title to be released on App Store and Google Play.

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