Dropped Frames: Mike Shinoda to Host Twitch Listening Party For His New Album

This Friday, July 10, Mike Shinoda, the co-lead of iconic rock band, Linkin Park, will be hosting a listening party on Twitch in celebration of the launch of his new album, Dropped Frames.

While in quarantine over the last few months, unable to tour or perform, Mike began looking for both community and a creative outlet. He found this on Twitch creating music and art in front of and with thousands of fans multiple days a week.

Developed entirely with the help of his followers on Twitch, Mike worked on Dropped Frames, through unique Twitch features like Chat and Emotes that he drew/developed specifically for his followers, who would suggest musical themes and even lyrics that Mike then took and mashed together to create twelve new tracks.

It became a completely collaborative process, which is best seen in the only song on the album with vocals, “Open Door.” This song combines seven community submitted vocal tracks.

After Mike put out the call for his Twitch viewers to submit, he received hundreds of tracks and eventually selected seven to feature on the final record.