Unestranging Doctor Strange – EVERY Trailer & TV Spot!

[Note: No, “unestranging” is not a word, but the headline sounded cool, so live with it.]

Doctor Strange might well be the least known hero since the Guardians of the Galaxy to grace the big screens courtesy of Marvel Studios.

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With a premise that involves a brilliant surgeon, a disciple of modern day science, learning to become a reality-bending even-more-warped-version-of-Neo than Neo, it’s no surprise that most people aren’t too sure what to make of this character… or to even check him out opening weekend.

It’s probably in response to this, that Marvel Studios/Disney has released a shitload of TV spots displaying the many aspects of the Sorcerer Supreme!

And being the service oriented people that we are (we’re all known for eating multiple servings per meal), we’ve collected every single trailer and TV spot here for you to check out.

Doctor Strange hits screens on the 27th of October!

Just take note that not all of these are in English. Also… MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!!

UPDATE: Check out this brilliant appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!!

Now, for the trailers:

[divider]Teaser Trailer (April 12 2016)[/divider]

[divider]Trailer (July 23 2016)[/divider]

[divider]Open Your Mind: Exclusive Sneak Peek (August 30 2016)[/divider]

[divider]Inside the Magic [Featurette #1] (September 15 2016)[/divider]

[divider]Universes Within [Featurette #2] (October 10 2016)[/divider]

[divider]Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” [Featurette #3] (October 13 2016)[/divider]

Check out the spoilerier TV spots on the following pages!