Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Is A Great Addition To The Franchise

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On Point
Awesome augmentations and upgrades
Enticing cyberpunk world
Fun and chaotic multiplayer
Off Target
The unnecessary inclusion of single-player micro transactions
Random supply drops in multiplayer

Set 2 years after the infamous “Aug Incident” in Dues Ex: Human Revolution, where augmented humans went on a berserk killing spree at a push of a button, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided presents us with a story full of grey areas and the self-interested factions like the Illuminati, Task Force 29 and so on that the only person you can trust is Adam Jensen.

Each faction is fighting to sway public opinions for his/her organizations own advantage and its up to you to decide what path the protagonist takes. Although the narrative is not as complex and convoluted as its predecessor, it is a lot more precise and easier to follow. It achieves all that and still delivers an intense and truly interesting tale. Choices have a bigger emphasis on the game, apart from advancing the narrative in different paths; it is also evident in the way you play it. The way I play and how you play it will be different and it’ll show.

Apart from the lethal and non-lethal approach that the stealth-action genre has, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is less linear too. Secret Stash of Augmentations, cash, paths and side missions litter the landscape and discovering them is as exciting as shooting your way through a level or as sneaking up on your targets. It executes the switch from 1st to 3rd person gameplay mechanics seamlessly. Shoot from the hip or aim down sights, the gun play in either perspective feels crisp. Traversing from cover to cover is well done in an era where simple mechanics such as cover based shooting and stealth are often taken for granted.

New augmentations such as remote hacking, turning invisible and rendering yourself immune to ballistics or blade attacks for a few seconds are great additions to the game as it opens up new paths as mentioned and tip fights in your favour. You might want to spend your upgrade points carefully as some Aug upgrades are completely useless while others can be extremely helpful.

The graphics do what graphics should do and immerse the player in the world the developers have created. In this case, you’re thrown in a cyberpunk world that for most part of the story take place in the city of Prague. It combines modern European architecture with futuristic designs, all in all enticing you to explore this grim and almost dystopian landscape.

Mankind Divided includes Multiplayer mode called Breach, mostly based on beating speed runs, time trials and high score set by other players. It allows you to be more chaotic if you have been playing as a pacifist. Like other multiplayer games, Mankind Divided offers booster packs. These random supply drops give items ranging from weapons to one-time buffs.

Single player micro transactions take shape in-game in the form of conspiracy stories. You don’t need to use it but its there. There are no pop-ups telling you to buy any of them nor do you need to pay in order to beat the game. The idea is scary though, will this one day turn into a compulsory or necessary component in order to experience the full single-player experience.

Bearing the Deus Ex name, Mankind Divided has certain expectations that it has to live up to. And it certainly has delivered a compelling tale and gaming experience.

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