Destiny 2 Open Beta begins 19 July 2017.

Destiny 2, one of the most anticipated action shooters will start its Open Beta tomorrow, 19 July till 24 July!

Fans will get a taste of the journey across solar systems where you can sample the cinematic campaign and battle alongside friends with multiple cooperative modes or challenge others in intense multiplayer matches before the game officially launches on September 6, 2017.

During the Open Beta, you’ll be able to play the opening story mission of the cinematic campaign, take on the enemy threat in a 3 player Cooperative Strike, give your skills a test against other in 4v4 competitive multiplayer matches as well as fight solo, alongside your friends or match-make with other Guardians.

However since it is still in Beta, expect bugs and incomplete features.

The Open Beta begins 7/19, 2 AM JST (1 AM Singapore Time) and ends 7/24, 1 PM JST (12 PM Singapore Time).

You can download the Beta here.