Review: Density – A Chill Place for Frozen Custard

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Ice Cream!
Unique flavours that live up to expectation
And you can’t go wrong with the ever-rotating menu
I Scream!
Close proximity to schools may soon mean peak hour crowds
Avocado's a flavour?!

Let me preface all that shall follow with a pinch of truth (one a tad embarrassing for a foodie): I’m not a dessert person. I would consider ideal dessert to be a second serving of the main course… and if the main course was pizza, chicken rice or a medium rare ribeye steak, I’m that much happier.

Nevertheless, I’m a sucker for ice cream. I especially love it when the ice cream melts and the liquified cream mixes with the toppings, forming a thick, richly textured drink that—okay, fine, I like milkshakes. And I also like being surprised.

Frozen Custard Has Arrived!Turns out, I may have found the place just for me (and it’s beside a chicken rice shop to boot!): Density Frozen Custard. Currently enjoying the title of being Singapore’s only frozen custard joint, Density boasts an interesting spread powered by their ever-changing menu of ice-cream flavours that includes your traditional ice cream fare as well as milkshakes and sundaes.

So, what is frozen custard, and how does it differ from ice cream, you ask? Well… I don’t really know—it tastes good, what else do I have to really care about? I’ve had no complaints over the past few days that I’ve dropped by for a milkshake (each time a different experience, thanks to their rotating selection of freshly made ice cream) so I’ll plead ignorance of the technicalities behind frozen custards in favour of it being so damn good.

The daily line-up of flavours is not only tempting, but also lives up to names with interesting ones like Horlicks, Salted Butterscotch and Popcorn being some of my favourites. (But they also do have some terrifying ones like… Avocado!)

Inside DensityAnother one of the reasons why I’ve constantly dropped by Density these past few days has also been its simple but inviting set up with little in the way of furnishing and deco boosted by its largely quiet ambience afforded by the current school holidays.

However, being situated close to schools like Lasalle, NAFA, MDIS, Kaplan and SOTA, Density may soon be a little less chill as students inevitably succumb to this new trend of desserts. (It’s apparently healthier than your average ice cream, too… healthy eating is like a thing these days, right?)

Density StorefrontDensity Frozen Custard
4 Short Street
6268 7918
Tues-Thurs: 1500hrs – 0100hrs
/ Fri-Sun: 1200hrs – 0100hrs