Deadly Drinks – Choked Basin

So it’s been one too many times that you’ve found yourself with your head over a sink retching your guts out… and now it’s payback time. Here’s a drink, created by the justsaying.asiacrew, that looks as it’s named and promises to do the same once it’s been shot down an unlucky bugger’s throat – The Choked Basin.

Combining the coffee-creme taste of Kahlua and Baileys with the wickedness of Absinthe, this drink promises to get the plumbers running in. Ingredients:

1 shot Kahlua
1 shot Baileys (Original)
1 shot Absinthe (green)

Best served in a ‘basin-like’ shooter separating the Kahlua/Baileys and the Absinthe (pictured above).

Available at BQ Bar (39 Boat Quay, Singapore 049828) – It’s not on their menu (but they do have the ‘basin’) and will count as a special request. So do check first before placing an order…. but if you do try this ‘Deadly Drink’, we would love to see your pictures.


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