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Darth Vader Fan Film is Most Impressive

Do not underestimate the power of a fan.

With over 1.3 million subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views per video, the creator behind YouTube channel Star Wars Theory has been pretty vocal about his desire to produce a Vader fan film.

Beginning with a Kickstarter campaign to raise CA$1’100’000 earlier this year, the campaign unfortunately came to a deadend at slightly more than CA$70’000 raised–no small feat, really.

Rebounding quicker than a Sith Lord pretending to have been defeated, the project was soon announced to still be in development, albeit in the more financially viable format of a web series, funded by the profits of the Star Wars Theory YouTube profile as well as a Patreon account.

With over CA$150’000 spent over a period of the last 6 months, the 16 minute long Vader Episode 1 – Shards of the Past has been finally released and it’s something fans of Star Wars and independent film making should certainly watch.

Impressive… most impressive, indeed.

The sheer indulgent fun of fan films aside, Vader Episode 1 – Shards of the Past‘s production value and dedication to taking the subject matter seriously makes the whole thing a sheer joy to witness.

From costumes, to effects, and soundtrack to script, the dedication to quality is clear and all-rounded–making this a lot more than the usual excuse for filming an extended lightsaber duel.

Not that I don’t love those either…

Ultimately, above all else, the most important thing this fan-made series represents can only be best described in Master Yoda’s immortal words: “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

So do check out this film, and do show your support by sharing it, or hopping over to the film maker’s Patreon account, and do remember to subscribe to his YouTube account for more awesome Star Wars content!

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