Darkness Reborn soft-launched in 13 Countries

GAMEVIL has soft launched their synchronous mobile MORPG Darkness Reborn in thirteen countries, including: Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.

In the game, players must fight through darkness and destruction by defeating Belphegor, an evil two-headed dragon, and Damien, the Cursed Knight. As they follow the game’s story, players not only complete an extensive amount of challenges and receive rewards for solo gameplay, but will also engage in fully live, synchronous multiplayer modes.

From co-op dungeons to 6-player boss raids and 3:3 PvP battles, players can join with others in a live journey to fight monsters and shatter the darkness.

Darkness Reborn is available for free download on App Store and in select countries and will be available worldwide in mid-November.


Visit Darkness Reborn on Facebook and for more information, visit www.gamevil.com.