Darkness Reborn Hacks and Slashes Boredom

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The Hits
Great controls
In-game currency easily attained
Great 'time-filler'
The Misses
Weak stroy
Low item drop rate

Are you a fan of hack and slash games? Ever wanted to be a ninja or a spartan? Darkness Reborn is exactly what you’re looking for.

Darkness Reborn is a hack and slash mobile game where you get to play as a mighty Spartan a crafty ninja or (if you spend a little gold) a sharpshooting Daemon-Hunter. You’re also given special moves which can be leveled up and changed as you gain exp. With a well planned out tutorial that teaches you as you play, this game is easy to learn and wicked fun.

As with most mobile games, tedious controls can be quite a bore and frankly frustrating. Darkness reborn however, plays smooth and has very responsive controls. My favorite thing about the control scheme is that the directional pad works no matter where you place your thumb on the screen.

One of the things I hate the most about mobile games is death by ‘where the HECK do I put my thumb?!’ (editor’s note: that’s what she said) – basically my thumb wasn’t swiping on the exact spot on the screen. There’s virtually no lag and the screen resolution is fantastic. They really put a lot of attention to detail when it came to the playability of the game.

One of its major downfalls however is its XP reward system. I played the game every day on my way to work and after a few days realized that I had progressed so far so fast the my character was no longer able to keep up with the experience level required by the game to have a chance at beating the next stage.

This left me having to repeat the previous levels in order to level up. The way they fixed this was a positive and a negative for me. They give you an option to replay previous levels at a higher difficulty level to gain more exp as well as stronger items. Unfortunately for me this was a bit of a cop out as it left you endlessly replaying the same levels with only slightly more difficult AI.

The use of the in game currency left me asking for more. After having spent an expensive 200 sol (the in-game currency) on an epic weapon box, I received only a level 7 weapon, which doesn’t sound bad till you realize that that’s on a scale of 3-57. This was made up by the fact that sol is actually quite easy to acquire by just normally playing the game. You’re given a generous amount just for logging in everyday and also completing certain tasks during challenges… either that or I may have just been unlucky.

While the storyline isn’t all that important, this game is so fun it really doesn’t matter. You’ll be so engrossed, you’ll probably miss your stop. Just try not to look weird giving out your battle cry while playing. If you find your self screaming “This isn’t madness, THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!”, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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