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Darkness Reborn retains the best of its predecessor and more!

With tons of mobile games launched each year, it is very easy to forget titles that you’ve played–even titles you’ve played early this year. So it is rare for certain titles to have a continuous following that extends over the years. One such title is Dark Avenger, developed by Boolean games that features a full 3D engine on your smartphone with in-depth character development and very intense action based gameplay.

Recently, Boolean just launched a pseudo sequel to Dark Avenger called Darkness reborn. Published by Gamevil, the game still retains its core Dark Avenger flavor while expanding the game thoroughly in its gameplay, character development and superb graphic presentation.

The game structure is divided between its PVE and PVP elements. The PVE elements are progression based with areas divided by several stages. Each stage you can fight hordes of enemies and finishing it at top times without dying will score you a 3 star rating that could lead to a better chance to get the best gear in that stage.


The PVE elements are also enriched with several modes like Rifts that randomly appear to each player. These rifts have really tough enemies inside that will require additional friends (or random folks that you can invite) to help you beat the monsters. If you manage to go through 3 waves of enemies, you receive crafting materials (crafting materials can only be acquired through such rifts).

Another element of the PVE side of the game is raid bosses. Gamers who are familiar with the term raiding in MMORPGs will find themselves right at home. Raid bosses are generally gigantic bosses that are very tough and yield high level gears. Your character needs to be in certain level before this mode opens up and you need to pick high level friends to even consider taking on the challenge. Coordination with friends when facing these bosses is very important. And the game presents a very stable online feature that makes the experience, both in PVE and PVP, very satisfying.



Speaking of which…the PVP side of Darkness Reborn is also one of the most fun elements in the whole game. Boolean went head over heels to have the PVP mode available at launch and so far it has not disappointed. You and 2 friends (or 2 strangers) get to fight with another group of 3 people in a team deathmatch style battle. Killing your opponents will net you a score, and the team with the highest score at the end of the allotted time wins.

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The game has a very progressive ladder where you need to maintain winning streaks if you want to stay on top. And how do you do that? Getting great gear from the PVE side through from hard mode dungeons and crafting. You need to master both PVE and PVP to get the best of both worlds.


You can play as a Warrior and Kunoichi. Each has their own strength and weaknesses. Overall though, it is a matter of preference and play style. Warriors can take some beating and the Kunoichi are faster and more nimble than their Spartan counterpart. What make them also very different are their skills and passive skills. Each character has 1 main attack (which can be upgraded) and 4 slot of active skills. Each slot has 2 kinds of skills that a character can use and almost each skill has 2 elemental variant of that skill. The new character, Deamon Hunter is the first ranged character for the game and was introduced recently.

PVP is a matter of balancing your gears to better match the elemental damage of your opponent and the right skills that is better for your PVP play style.


Darkness Reborn may not be the first in the genre, but it is probably the best for action RPG genre in mobile. Taking the Dark Avenger formula, shaking it with new varieties of elements and adding to it probably the best looking graphic engine out there, it’s slashing its way to the top.

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