Dab For Breast Cancer With Oppo

Starting this October, OPPO, in conjunction with Singapore Cancer Society (SCS), is inviting corporates and individuals to participate in a social movement, named the Breast Cancer Dab (BCDab). To encourage participation in this cause, OPPO will donate SGD100 and SGD1 per corporation and individual participation respectively, targeting for the social movement to raise a total of SGD20,000 for SCS.

The BCDab is adapted from the Dab, a popular hip-hop dance move that originated from the United States. The Dab is easily recognised by its iconic style of dropping your head and resting the face in the elbow of one arm and the other arm raised. The move gained popularity as many athletes and celebrities adopted it in their dances or celebratory gestures. The BCDab is similar to the normal dab except for a minor tweak — instead of dropping one’s head towards the elbow, it is done with the palm of the bent arm resting on the chest instead, mimicking the initial step of a breast self-examination.

Fance and Manchester United player, Paul Pogba celebrates scoring goals with a dab.
Fance and Manchester United player, Paul Pogba celebrates scoring goals with a dab.

Using a popular and highly recognisable dance move to serve as a reminder, OPPO aims to raise awareness of the importance of breast self-examinations as a key component in the early detection of breast cancer among the local population. Through the BCDab, it serves as a reminder to conduct a self-examination and signifies the simplicity of the whole process.

According to Singapore Cancer Registry’s Interim Annual Registry Report, Trends in Cancer Incidence in Singapore, 2010-2014, breast cancer is the top cause of death by cancer for women in Singapore. Even though 1 in 11 women in Singapore will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, women are still not Page 2 of 3 doing regular self-examinations. Many still consider it a stigma to discuss the topic and this is deterring the early detection of the cancer.

“Many women and men are still uncomfortable discussing about breast cancer self-examination despite the importance of it in the detection of the disease. It is our pleasure to partner with OPPO in continuing to raise awareness for breast cancer and early detection, and we hope that this social movement will influence more people to incorporate breast self-examinations in their health and wellness routines, ultimately, lowering the number of deaths by breast cancer in Singapore,” shared Mr Albert Ching, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Cancer Society.

Mr Sean Deng, Managing Director, OPPO Singapore added, “OPPO has been in Singapore for nearly three years and during this time, we have firmly established ourselves as a brand that is centered on the lives of our consumers. Though we continue to provide innovative features that have cemented a place in the lifestyles of our users, we want to move beyond just being a smartphone provider but also a brand that also dives into international social issues close to the hearts of Singaporeans. We see tremendous value in championing causes that are relevant and now, we can leverage on our capabilities to do our part for our consumers, starting with the Breast Cancer Dab.”

Corporations and individuals can participate in the movement by taking a picture of their team or themselves doing the BCDab, uploading their photos to their company or personal Facebook/Instagram accounts and finally, tagging two other corporates or friends with the hashtag #BreastCancerDab to complete the challenge.

The movement for individuals started on 1 October and will end on 1 November with one lucky individual will stand to win a special edition OPPO R9 Rose Gold phone. OPPO will start the ball rolling for corporates on 10 October with a ‘wefie’ of the OPPO team and tagging two other corporates to join in the movement.