Legionaries #2 has Way More to Offer than Just Punching!

Returning to the tale begun in the SGCC release, the adventures of these mythic heroes continue!

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By Jove!
Ancient and modern eras juxtapose remains a draw
Writing and art are in perfect sync
More panels than #1
Appreciate the Thor v Hercules homage 🙂
By Pluto!
My first read wasn’t in its full-coloured glory 🙁

This epic tale from Legionaries #1 continues! And, in this issue, we’re treated to a stand-off between demi-gods Perseus and Hercules, set in a suburban neighbourhood in California.

To my joy, this second issue picks up where it left off, diving straight into the promised battle.

The juxtaposition of this ancient story in modern times remains a refreshing aspect of this book. Issue #2 skilfully combines elements and dialogue from two eras, giving both a larger-than-life and grounded reading experience.

Despite the issue being marketed as a battle between these mighty demi-gods, its true strength lies in its neat, in-battle unveiling of character motivationswhich is encapsulated by some stunning and effective artwork.

Even in my black-and-white review edition, the artwork is full of life. The smart use of characters’ close-ups, combined with hard-hitting dialogues amid the smashing, allows readers to fully feel the emotional weight of each punch.

Marvel's Thor and CS Comics' Perseus both battle Hercules!
All good hero team-ups begin with an epic misunderstanding!

Speaking of smashing, fans of Marvel’s Thor will appreciate the cover art. Artist Zehe pays homage to the iconic cover of Journey into Mystery Annual #1, the first appearance of Hercules in Marvel Comics where, of course, he gets into a fight with Thor.

This homage is what sets the stage for an exciting confrontation between Perseus and Hercules. The nod to Marvel’s silver age adds a layer of excitement and anticipation for comic book readers. But with all being said, can we judge a comic book by its cover art?

With this second issue, it’s evident that Legionaries knows where it’s going in its epic story and has probably more to offer in future issues. The second issue builds upon its foundation from its debut, unearths further mysteries of Jupiter’s previous incarnations, and more!

You can get your hands on the full-colour edition, alongside multiple variant covers and exclusive sketches by checking out its Kickstarter: