Cosplay Pick of the Week: Gender Bend!

This week we’ve picked some of the best Gender Bend Cosplays. It’s amazing how they’ve swapped the genders of some of the most popular characters to create a unique take on the outfit… it’s not just about women wearing pants and men wearing dresses 😉

First up we have Lady Gambit by Nadya Sonika… those eyes…



Next, Russian photographer Alexander Turchanin captures the essence of Gandalf the Grey with this fantastic shoot.



Larry Smith is a force of nature as the X-Man (literally) Storm!



Deadpool isn’t all about the guns and swords. Shiveeejam keeps it stunning… even with those scars!



Now, I couldn’t quite find out who they are, but it’s one of the best role-reversals i’ve ever seen! Lady Joker and her bruiser of a bodyguard, Harley Quinn.



She definitely has the power… it’s Lady Skeletor by Freddie Nova (photographed by Adam Jay).



Here’s the Justice League… gender-bent by photographer John Austin.



Nothing is ever what it seems in the Game of Thrones… It’s Daenerys (or Danny) Targaryen and Khal Drogo by Psykitten Pow.



Dynamite Webber fights for justice as Wonder (Wo)Man!



And finally Stephanie Castro raises the troop’s uh… morale as Captain America!




While we try to provide proper credit where it is due, it’s not always possible. If we haven’t credited the right people for their work, please drop us a line at editor[at]justsaying[dot]asia. If you’d like us to feature your work or someone else’s, drop us a line at the same email for our consideration.

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