Contest: Cho’Gall – Heroes of the Storm BETA Key Giveaway

Rally your fellow heroes and get ready for battle in the Nexus with Cho’Gall.

Heroes of the Storm – the free-to-play online team brawler brings together a diverse cast of iconic characters from Blizzard’s far-flung realms of science fiction and fantasy, including the Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo universes, and challenges them to compete in epic, adrenaline-charged battles.

Blizzard has now pulled Cho’Gall, the latest, and probably the most unique playable character into the Nexus.

They say two heads are better than one… but two players? That’s right… you need to team up to control Cho’Gall (or more like Cho and Gall) – two players at once — one in charge of each head – each queuing as either Cho or Gall, in order to play together as one hero.

Cho is a Warrior of unmatched might who charges fist-first into battle, controlling movement and Basic Attacks. While Gall cannot move on his own, he is a formidable Assassin armed with a devastating set of dark spells.

How can you get Cho’Gall? Well, you normally have to be unlock him/them by winning games as a partner to someone else who already owns him.

BlizzCon ticket holders (and virtual ticket holders) as well as a small percentage of players will have Cho’Gall unlocked for them. So these are the people you need to partner with in order to get Cho’Gall.

Once you have Cho’Gall unlocked, you’ll receive 2,200 gold if you win 4 games with him.

Have trouble finding a someone who has Cho’Gall? Well we’re giving away 5 Beta keys when you enter the draw by clicking here!

Entries close 27 November 2015.