Club Meatballs: Can You Handle Meat in Your Balls?

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Wow, great balls.
Somewhat like a conglomerate: restaurant, bar, wine cellar and work-sharing space, with great promotions in conjunction.
Shepherd's pie, Amen!
Brunch and breakfast hours
The logo isn't outstanding, you might miss it.
The ambience is still somewhat remnant of a bar's
JELAT! (heavy)

What once came across a bar with tapas, Club Meatballs has undergone a stellar rebrand, boasting a new chef with a knack for “food that makes people happy”, and a revamped menu to come with. Located along Cross Street, Club Meatballs is now a restaurant. café, wine cellar, and a co-working space all packed in one, spacious location. Not to mention, it’s also open for breakfast and brunch.

Justsaying.ASIA tries our hand at some of Club Meatballs’ menu favourites and staples. The restaurant is comfort food at its best– though with anything worth binging on, queasy fullness will accompany when you finish. Expect more than meatballs.

“It is not all about Meatballs but we love them!”


Good drinks are an expectation with any bar, but Club Meatballs features a drink menu suited to complement both your food and your mood. Jugs of Pimms and Aperol sell for $45, and are ideal to start any comfort food meal with. The Pimms at Club Meatballs is refreshing and light, not overpowering the food that is offered.

Pimms is a gin-based drink that holds a mixture of herbs and fruit.

There’s also a selection of wines that you can pick off a wall (prices ranging from $29-$259), as well as happy hour and bar day promotions at night. Wednesday ladies night promotions are especially worth noting, with a complimentary bottle of champagne for every group of four ladies, and 1-for-1 Aperol Spritz ($15).


The Cup of Chili ($10) at Club Meatballs is perfect to start your meal with. Though it comes with a price that may seem somewhat high in comparison to other menu items, the chili con carne is meaty and tangy without being sour. The dish is light and easy to consume, topped with strips of cheese for when you want some extra tart in your bite.

Club Meatballs Chilli - Justsaying,asia
Cup of Chili – $10

If you prefer to dine alone, the chili will become an instant favourite for you, as most of the other dishes are highly suited for sharing – rightfully so. The restaurant offers a delectable selection of tapas for patrons there mainly to drink and socialise.

The Mac and Cheese Balls ($12) is macaroni and cheese balled up, breaded and deep-fried. If you despise mac and cheese that’s wet, gooey and milky, this is perfect for you. The balls come with a decent crunch that amalgamates well with the dry macaroni. The inside of the ball tastes of cheese that’s definitely not powdered (hurray!), but past one ball, you might find these a little too crusty and feel the absence of a salty meat. The grated mozzarella coating the balls does take the edge off, though.

Club Meatballs M&C Balls - Justsaying,asia
Mac and Cheese Balls – $12

Food and Sharing Options

If you’re looking for something bigger to share, the Club Meatball Pizza is something that you must get. This pizza has a perfect crust to topping ratio, and flavours complement each other marvelously. Topped with beef meatballs, salami, and bacon, the meats are easy to swallow, with the only real ‘bulky’ item being the meatballs. The meatballs are not overpowered by the other meats and taste delightful on the gooey bed of mozzarella.

Even the slightest inkling of barbeque sauce is usually an adamant no for me, but the barbeque sauce on this pizza melds seamlessly, giving for a slightly smoky flavour. If you don’t like onions on your pizza, don’t fret. The onions here are so thinly sliced that they taste almost caramelised.

Club Meatballs Pizza - Justsaying,asia
Club Meatball Pizza – $22

For something on the more indulgent side, set your sights on the Beer Braised Short Rib ($28). These short ribs are slow cooked in dark beer, and then served on a generous dollop of creamy, airy mashed potatoes. The rib meat is tender and can be cut with a spoon, so you can scoop right into that mash. The dish is robust, and doesn’t leave remnants of anything that tastes like beer.

Club Meatballs Short Ribs - Justsaying,asia
Beer Braised Short Rib ($28)

The real show-stealer at Club Meatballs is the Shepherds Pie ($18). When I say show-stealer, I mean it – in that everything you taste after will feel somewhat underwhelming. On the plus side, this dish is heavy and could possibly leave you far too full to eat anything else.

The shepherd’s pie is remarkable. The cheesy potatoes taste right out of your country pie dreams, and combined with the heavenly mini-lamb meatball filling, you’ll have your Ratatouille moment. The filling is so delectable that the peas and carrots contribute while individually unnoticeable. The flavour of the lamb is so tastefully strong that it permeates throughout the dish, bound to leave an impression.

This pie is worth every penny, and if that isn’t good enough, it’s big enough to fill the stomachs of two hungry people.

Club Meatballs Shepherds Pie - Justsaying,asia
Shepherds Pie ($18)


But of course, what’s a restaurant named after meatballs without meatball-centric dishes? Here are some of the dishes to try if you want to experience the meatballs at Club Meatballs as a primary item.

The CMB Spaghetti and Meatballs ($15) is a classic tomato and beef dish. The pasta is enjoyable and has a good texture that is enhanced by the grated cheese that it comes with. The beef meatballs are very fluffy, and taste meaty. Much unlike frozen meatballs or Singapore’s favourite Swedish meatballs, these feel a little like you’re biting into a wad of cotton.

Club Meatballs Pasta - Justsaying,asia
CMB Spaghetti and Meatballs ($15)

If you mean business, then indulge in the ultimate purchase, The Baller Platter ($25-$30). This platter gives serves 12 meatballs of your meat choice on a bed of whipped potato. Choices and prices vary based on the meat that you choose, and you are allowed the choice of classic beef, ginger pork, garlic-thyme chicken, cumin spiced lamb, panko crusted fish, and tofu & mushroom. To top it off, you can pick between a variety of sauces, including tomato sauce, creamy mushroom, pesto, red wine onion gravy, and GARLIC AIOLI!

Our personal favourite is the cumin spiced lamb meatball, which is flavourful and can be eaten repeatedly without pungent sensations. The garlic-thyme chicken meatballs taste distinctly herby, so they may not be for everyone. The tofu & mushroom meatballs are a great addition, so vegetarians can also enjoy the fare at this meat-centric location.

Club Meatballs - Baller Platter - Justsaying,asia
The Baller Platter ($25-$30)

We’ve got you covered, and the ball’s in your court now. Club Meatballs is ideal for a fun night out or a comfortable, rainy day in. If you happen to work in the CBD area, Club Meatballs has some jaw-dropping promotions on work-sharing spaces (along the lines of free food). 

Visit Club Meatballs at 20 Cross Street, open from 07.30AM – 12MN on weekdays, and for brunch at 10 AM on Saturday and Sunday.