Clique – The Brightside of LAN Gaming

I’m not really a fan of LAN shops anymore simply because, well, why pay money for something I can play at home? Especially now with things like Skype, communication with friends is seamless, giving me the impression that LAN’s are well pointless. But a new LAN shop, Clique, certainly made me change my mind.

Clique_1While anyone’s first impression of a LAN shop is usually dark, dingy and sometimes a little filthy with leftover food and drink by previous users. Well, Clique is the opposite: bright, clean and it feels so full of life, somewhere I’d spend my time at simply because it feels much closer to playing at home with the added perk of being with your friends.

And if you have ever wanted to use a rig full of Razer products, Clique is equipped with high end Razer apparel along with custom rigs and 27” monitors… which I measured cause they were crazy huge (that’s what she said). And the best part? The chairs, oh the chairs, they are so comfortable and huge you could sit in them all day and not wanna get up. I could’ve even taken a nap in those.

Games wise Clique provides most if not all free to play games like most other LANs but they also have invested in games that need to be purchased such as Diablo and WoW, again setting themselves apart and making them the superior LAN shop.
Overall, Clique is definitely not like other LAN shops, it feels lively and somewhere friends can always hang out as well as use high end gaming apparel. I would say it has the best mix of comfort and gaming I’ve ever experienced at LAN shops at an affordable price!

Park Lane Mall
Open 24/7
$2/hr, but be sure to ask for their package deals.

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