Clarke Quay’s Spectacular CQ Streetfest Unleashed This April

This April, Clarke Quay is set to dazzle Singapore with the inaugural CQ Streetfest, transforming the renowned riverside hotspot into a carnival of colors, sounds, and unparalleled entertainment.

From April 17th through April 21st, the air along the banks of the Singapore River will be electrified by the talents of internationally acclaimed street performers, drawing in audiences for five days of family-friendly fun.

Leading the pack of performers is the UK’s own Rob Roy Collins, an escapologist who’s not just a crowd-puller but a Guinness World Record holder. Known for his gravity-defying stunts, including straitjacket escapes and handcuff challenges, Collins combines humour with daredevilry to deliver unforgettable shows.

He’s joined by the comedic genius of Richard Garaghty, a staple in Covent Garden now residing in Italy. Garaghty, who has graced the stages of Dumbo, Doctor Who, and even Star Wars, will have the crowd in stitches with his juggling and unicycle antics.


From the land down under, Australia’s Satya Bella will enchant with her hula hoop artistry, showcasing a blend of grace and skill honed from worldwide performances.

Akira from Japan is set to mix dance, DJ beats, and live art, creating a feast for the senses, while Mexico City’s Pancho Libre will demonstrate his acrobatic prowess on the cyr wheel and pole, capturing the essence of street performance.


Singapore’s own aerial artists, Adelene from Adedance Aerial and Hoop, will add a local flavor to the festival, mesmerizing with their aerial ballet against the city skyline.

CQ Streetfest marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of Clarke Quay into a day-to-night destination, brimming with activities for both residents and visitors.

The festival is a collaboration between CQ @ Clarke Quay and Covent Garden Entertainment, featuring 45 shows across its duration, with performances running from 6 PM to 10:30 PM daily, and special matinee showcases over the weekend from noon to 1:30 PM.

Don’t miss this grand celebration of talent and entertainment at the heart of Singapore’s nightlife—CQ Streetfest at Clarke Quay, where the world’s streets come to life.