Cirque Eloize iD – A Feast of Awe & Applause

Set Design
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The use of lighting to detail the place visage of the set was brilliant.
Original mixes and music faded fantastically between each other, creating a tapestry of sound.
The stunts are nothing short of breath-taking!
Nothing, really. Even when mistakes were made, the recoveries were smooth and comically treated making the performance all that more organic and fun!

At its core, Cirque Eloize iD is less of a circus and more of a feat of humanity at its peak physical discipline blurring the lines between humanly possible and downright superhuman.

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Juggling between acts of sheer strength, insane talent, incredible skill, and, well, just juggling regular ol’ tennis balls, the 16 performer-strong cast meld seamlessly in display and theatrics despite originating from 10 different circus disciplines, making for an eclectic yet organic fusion of visual excitement that may just lead you to questioning everything you’ve understood about physics.

Blending a smattering of dance, acrobatics, stunts, classic circus acts, and a whole lotta insanity, the cast of Cirque Eloize iD effortlessly entertains and enthralls with feats that quite literally keeps you either on the edge of your seat in anticipation or plastered against the back of it in awe!

And while no such performance featuring such high risk and straining spectacles could ever be a 100% in every aspect, the cast of Cirque Eloize have proven themselves to be every bit as smooth at their recovery as they are on the dance floor.

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Here in Singapore for only about a week, Cirque Eloize iD is the perfect amount of laughs and energy to break in the stage of Marina Bay Sands’ MasterCard Theatres as the first performance of 2016!

Tickets can be booked via Sistic for the following performances at the MasterCard Theatres @ Marina Bay Sands:
From NOW till the 6th of March
Friday 7:30pm
Saturdays: 2:00pm and 7:30pm
Sundays: 1:00pm and 6:00pm

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