Catch ‘The Relationship Agreement’ In Singapore This September

‘The Relationship Agreement’ is an English comedy play curated by Zee Theatre – a special offering from the stable of the leading global content company ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

The play reflects a slice of life in our modern digital age. Relationships have been the inspiration behind numerous comedy and satire performances across mediums. However, The Relationship Agreement, gives a completely new spin to this all time favourite muse.

Social media has us hooked to instant gratification – whether it is online shopping or dating, we want everything with just a click and a swipe. The play is a new age comedy about a couple weaned on social media who draws up a written relationship contract to save themselves from the usual trial and error arrangement that is the norm.

With the help of their respective parents, they bare their hearts out— good, bad, ugly — and they discuss their likes, dislikes and pet peeves. While initially the idea seemed wonderful as it would pave the path to an informed and smooth relationship. However, as the plot unfolds, we find out that living your relationship on the basis of a binding document may not be the best idea.

Director Meherzad Patel uses his creative licence to amuse unabashedly, weaving in contemporary references — pop culture, politics, current affairs — in his dialogues. Sumona Chakravarti plays the defiant girlfriend to Danesh Irani’s doting lover. Their chemistry will leave you in splits. Veteran Darius Shroff plays the 60-year-old father of Danesh who befriends a lady (Meher Acharia Dar) on Facebook, who turns out to be Sumona Chakravarti’s mother. This complicated equation results in a healthy dose of humour.

The play has been performed at various places in India and has received an overwhelming response from the theatre community. Its contemporary hues, witty dialogues and the cast’s impeccable timing have received praise by the media as well. Bombay Times summed the play with, “This is a funny take on relationships… definitely a must watch”.  The Mid-day tabloid gave a glowing review heaping all-round praise on the cast and the tight direction.

After a phenomenal response in India, the play is traveling to Singapore for the first time on 8th September at Shine Auditorium. The play is brought to you by Zee Live and promoted by Zee TV.

Tickets are available on APACTIX.com