Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps Takes to the Skies

Marvel’s Secret Wars continues with its parade of tie-ins with Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1. Current Captain Marvel writers Kelly Sue Deconnick and David Lopez are joined by Kelly Thompson for a high-flying tour of Battleworld!

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Cover Art by David Lopez
Cover Art by David Lopez

Welcome to Hala Field, where if you’ve got the guts – if you’ve got the moxie – you just might make it as a member of the Carol Corps. The chosen few, the proud, the brightest pilots of all – the Carol Corps defend Hala Field from the worst Battleworld has to offer.

Speaking on Carol’s role on Battleworld, co-writer Kelly Sue Deconnick explains to Marvel.com, “She’s a hero. She’s a pilot. That’s one of the things I find most interesting about Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps. She’s a very defined person and even when changing her environment and circumstances – she’s still that person.”

Face front and stand at attention True Believers, because the Corps needs people like you! So put on your uniform and get ready for the most high-flying, action packed Captain Marvel series fans have been clamoring for. Strap in and hold on – this is Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1!

Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick & Kelly Thompson
Art & Cover by David Lopez
On Sale This June!