Sides Have Been Taken for Captain America: Civil War [Updated]


Promotional art for Captain America: Civil War seems to have confirmed who will be on the two teams during the course of the movie.

Not only does this give us a look at the possible new costumes of Cap and Tony, we also get to finally see Black Panther in his full costume.

Team Cap
Team Cap
While Scarlet Witch seems to have left Cap’s team, Agent Sharon Carter is now in toe with a pseudo-costume. Also loving Hawkeye’s more comic-friendly look. And Winter Soldier looks like he finally got some sleep (probably thanks to the events of Ant-Man). We also get to see Falcon’s remote drone, Red Wing, in the background, an homage to the actual falcon he used to work with in the comics.

Team Tony
Team Tony
Tony’s team seems to be largely unchanged, but Black Panther is now included and I wasn’t really expecting any visual revelation of Peter Parker anytime soon. Nevertheless, it’s pretty cool to see Iron Man looking more comic-y than ever and War Machine’s looking pretty sick!

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The speculation battle rages on as fans on both camps argue as to whether 2016 will be dominated by WB’s and DC Comics’ Superman V. Batman: The Dawn of Justice or Disney’s and Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War.

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And with news that an exclusive screening for WB’s executives has elicited standing ovation and attempts to sign Ben Affleck on for a trilogy of standalone Batman films, the debate has been fuelled further.

WB's closed doors screening of #BatmanVSuperman for executives has apparently received standing ovation and in no small…

Posted by on Friday, 7 August 2015

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But recent rumours regarding the line-up of heroes behind Captain America and Iron Man may be fanning the Marvel flames a tad further and 2016 could not come any sooner.

Check out the line-ups here and be warned that even though these are just rumours, it could contain some spoilers.

Team Cap

While we could have already guessed that Falcon would have been on Cap’s side, the post-credits scenes of Ant-Man was pretty clear that both Scott Lang and Bucky would be on Steve Roger’s side.

Interestingly, however, is that the New Avengers as seen at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron doesn’t seem to be sticking together.

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Team Tony

Well, New Avengers or not, everyone would have guess that Rhodey’s allegiance would lie with Tony regardless.

More surprisingly is that Black Widow and Vision both seem to be aligning themselves to Tony. While Widow’s allegiances will remain questionable till the end of the movies (especially given her friendship with both Hawkeye and Cap), Vision’s alignment would probably be inspired by a bigger picture that neither Cap nor Tony can see for themselves.

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