Canon Singapore Launches Mobile Handheld Integrated Temperature System (HITS)

Canon Singapore has launched a mobile Handheld Integrated Temperature System (HITS) which enables businesses and security services to facilitate contactless, fast, and easy temperature screening, with safe entry check-in/ check-out.

One of the challenges to ensuring a quick and seamless digital check-in process is the need to use separate devices such as a temperature screener and a barcode scanner to obtain visitors’ temperature and identity details.

For motorists entering a car park or condominium, it is also an inconvenience to step out of the vehicle to check-in at the location as most places are using a printed QR code that is pasted on a wall near the entry gantry. Some places have resorted to having security guards hold up a printed QR code for motorists and passengers to scan.

By using HITS, the necessary check-in protocol and temperature screening can be executed with a single device and is streamlined. HITS also eliminates the need to have a power socket nearby as it does not require a constant supply of power to work. Having mobility is useful as more individuals who wish to enter the premises can be checked by the staff instantly, effectively reducing the waiting time and queues for safe entry protocols.

Currently used by RHB Singapore and Taisei Corporation, HITS combines infrared thermography with a barcode scanner and comes with built-in memory to store visitors’ identity data. The integrated and mobile nature of HITS makes it useful in many settings with Taisei Corporation deploying HITS at two of its construction sites to facilitate efficient check-in and check-out of staff.

HITS has also helped RHB Singapore to speed up the check-in and check-out process for customers in all its seven branches across Singapore and has minimised queuing during peak hours.

“Having launched a stationary all-in-one check-in solution last year, we’ve gotten strong feedback from our customers to provide a mobile version to make safe entry check-ins much more flexible and efficient,” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore.

“This is especially useful for places like malls, offices and the entrances of carparks and condominiums where guests are typically required to step out of their vehicles or do additional steps to check-in. Being a mobile all-in-one check-in solution, HITS ensures there is minimal disruption or inconvenience for visitors to such areas while complying with safe entry regulations.”


Accurate and Fast Temperature Screening

Featuring a built-in infrared thermography feature, HITS can be used to detect if a visitor’s or staff’s temperature is within the acceptable predetermined range with an accuracy of about ± 0.3 degrees Celsius. Pointing HITS at a visitor’s forehead or open palm for 1 – 2 seconds is sufficient to obtain a temperature screening as HITS detects surface skin temperature.

If the visitor’s temperature is within the predetermined range, a green text box will be shown to indicate that the visitor has passed the temperature screening. This will be accompanied by an automated voice message which says, “temperature normal”.

Easy and Fuss-Free Operation

Users can use HITS to scan digital and physical NRICs as well as the TraceTogether tokens. For visitors using the TraceTogether app, HITS can generate a QR code on its 4-inch display for them to scan and check in. The entire process is contactless and is completed within seconds, which facilitates a quick and seamless check-in.

Using a single HITS device, users can toggle between the digital check-in and check-out functions. With this, there is no need for additional staff to support functions such as checking temperatures and scanning identification cards separately, thus saving manpower. Weighing at just 250g, HITS’ compact and lightweight design ensures that it is easy to operate.

Automatic Log of Visitor Details

Visitor/staff details such as their identity number, temperature, date, and time of visit are all recorded locally on HITS. HITS only logs the last four digits of visitors’ identity numbers to minimise personal data protection compliance concerns. Being Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, HITS works with SIM cards and can transfer visitor/ staff details to a data management system2 which is stored in the organisation’s system.

The Handheld Integrated Temperature System (HITS) is currently available at $1,000.