Can WAR OF CROWN Bring Back the Glory Days of Tactical Mobile Games?

In this rainy season, the gaming industry is getting flooded with many blockbusters games launching back-to-back. Floating above the stream of bloody hack and slash or ultra high-end graphics games is WAR OF CROWN, one that brings a ray of sunlight to the RPG strategy genre.

In the overly crowded battlefield of mobile games, Gamevil was brave enough to bring along this not-so-simple strategy game to an audience of gamers that are fond of easy-to-play games, which does not require so much action due to its many automated features. But the difficulty that WAR OF CROWN brings has attracted a lot of discerning gamers – the REAL players of the handheld console games era which have diminished overtime that they are now declared as a legendary tribe.

At first glance, WAR OF CROWN seems to be the modern, picturesque version of Final Fantasy Tactics and has a gameplay like Fire Emblem’s. But WAR OF CROWN battlefields are far more in depth, not just a plane with grid lines, but with rugged terrains combined with 3D graphics and the flexible viewing angle. The game’s tactics are no longer just a “human chess” game on a flat surface, but has become a tough matrix, requiring a high command and control ability.

Players not only focus on calculating the direction and range of the attack, but also have to pay attention to high-low terrain, the restraint systems, the ability to charge the turn to take the turn from enemy. All those factors combine to a ‘chess move’ that have to consider twice before you actually make your move, since just wasting a skill can also dedicate the victory to rival in the dramatic real-time battles of WAR OF CROWN.

WAR OF CROWN also has a a relatively fast storyline, and a fully built and advanced leveling mechanism, characters and equipments system. The story pulls you into a war reels, while complex gameplay lures players back to explore the combat system and character building. WAR OF CROWN is a harmonious combination of challenging strategy with high customization for the mobile, which satisfies the players who are fond of challenge and in-depth gameplay.

It is due to the intentionally unique investment that the presence of WAR OF CROWN has received a warm welcome from the current discerning gamers and the legendary handheld gamers. The combination of classic and modern, along with live sound effects and vivid animation, makes WAR OF CROWN a good candidate that would stand out in this fierce competitive gaming market.

War of Crown is now available worldwide for App Store and Google Play.