BURGER KING Launches Flamin’ Hot Deals with the brand-new Applewood Rodeo Burger

Whet your appetite with a range of delicious offerings from the Flamin’ Hot Deals at BURGER KING.

Now available while stocks last at all BURGER KING restaurants in Singapore, the Flamin’ Hot Deals will be headlined with a tempting selection of four burgers – the brand-new Applewood Rodeo burger, the WHOPPER Jr. burger, the FISH’N CRISP burger, and the CHICK’N CRISP CHEESE burger.

For fans of good old American-style BBQ sauce originating from Southwest of the United States; the Applewood Rodeoburger offers layers of flame-grilled beef patty topped with two onions rings, drizzled with the smoky flavours of Applewood BBQ sauce for that rich flavour of sweetness, topped with mayonnaise, within a sesame seed bun for a satisfying bite.

Next on the menu, the WHOPPER Jr. burger will live up to the expectations of fans of the classic WHOPPER with its flame-grilled beef patty topped which fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce, tangy pickles and crunchy onions, served on a toasted seed bun, and flavoured with creamy mayo and ketchup.

The Flamin’ Hot Deals offers another treat with the FISH’N CRISP burger. The burger, made up of a fish fillet topped with a layer of American cheese, tangy tartar sauce, and all sandwiched by a soft and satisfying bun.

The CHICK’N CRISP CHEESE burger is another all-time favourite for those who like their burgers made of breaded and crispy chicken fillet, and spread over with a dollop of mayonnaise, American cheese, and topped with crisp lettuce, all stacked in between fragrant lightly-toasted sesame seed bun.

Available at a starting price of SGD$5.00 per meal, the Flamin’ Hot Deals burgers are each served with Coca-Cola Less Sugar drink (small) and regular Cheesy Fries.

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