Bruce Timm Returns to Batman: The Animated Series… Kinda

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. And while both of these names are recognised for a great many things, it’s possible that no other project of theirs will ever be as iconic or as defining as their universe-spanning series of animated shows.

Beginning with Batman: The Animated Series, it wasn’t long before the show was spun-off into its own sequel series, The Adventures of Batman & Robin, before being re-branded as The New Batman Adventures, which saw a sister-show in Superman: The Animated Series.

The popularity of the series was groundbreaking and even saw a theatrical release for its spin-off Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, arguably the best Batman film to date. This was followed soon after with Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, a direct-to-video movie which would be the first of many.

While it was announced that Bruce Timm would be directing an animated feature entitled Batman and Harley Quinn, we are only now getting our first peek at the movie:

Given that Harley Quinn was created by Dini and Timm for the purpose of the animated universe, the character has since transcended adaptation and moved on to becoming one of the most popular, iconic, and over-used characters in comic books, even going so far as to become the poser-fan’s favourite character “of all time!”

While it hasn’t been confirmed that this movie will see a return to the continuity of the series, the art style, the inclusion of Nightwing, and the fact that Harley Quinn is properly dressed for the first time in about a decade, hints to it happening some time during the events of The New Batman Adventures.

Which would be an appropriate way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of what is arguably the most influential animated series to date.