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BQ Bar – Pubbing Re-Defined


BQ bar takes the status quo and chucks it – infusing Boat Quay with it’s own brand of a pub-club hybrid that just keeps it’s patrons screaming, jumping and begging for more.

Boat Quay, popular for it’s many seafood joints and pubs wouldn’t normally be the destination of choice for those who want to get their dancing shoes on – they’d probably head down to Clarke Quay with it’s collection of clubs and such. But just a minute now. What if I told you that you could do that and more…. at Boat Quay? Enter BQ Bar – Located in the middle of the Boat Quay stretch, BQ is a Pub-Club hybrid that takes it to the streets – it’s simply one of the places that checks all the boxes.

There is something for everyone at BQ – be it sports, a dance floor, booze or a great mix of people. The place has 6 screens that play either Rugby or Soccer. You can always find a group or two that’s totally engrossed in a game. If YOU are feeling competitive, then why not play a few rounds of Beer Pong?

If it’s a place to dance you’re looking for, the house DJ spins some of the best beats and you can bust a move on the dance floor inside. The alley on the side turns into an open-air party place with its flashing lights.

If it’s booze you’re looking for their selection of bombs (Monster/Kaos/Tic-Tacs) come at about $10!…. and they’ve even added Absinthe (Green, Red, Blue and Black) to the menu. I wouldn’t recommend you getting plastered – drink responsibly – but the option IS there. They do make a wicked Mojito as well.

The staff keep the party going strong throughout the night. Every now and then you’ll hear the whistles go off and the bottles come out! FREE Booze! The next thing you know, your head is cocked back and you’ve got a steady stream, of whatever they decide to mix, in your mouth. CHUGG CHUGG CHUGG. I’m a stickler for service, but I have to hand it to the crew – they do a really good job of remembering faces, names and are ready with a smile – but it can get busy though…. REALLY busy… so delays can be expected.

The best part for me is, unlike a club, you can come as you want AND as you are. Dress up or just chill and dress down, the doors of BQ are open to you.

Probably on of the best places to party and chill in Boat Quay – a must visit if you’re checking out the nightlife in Singapore. BQ successfully manages to blend the pub, club and sports bar concept into an experience that’s really enjoyable.


39 Boat Quay
Singapore 049828