Benq Launches Massive Monitors With An Eye On Health This Holiday Season

BenQ is launching two additions to the EW and GW range this holiday season – the EW3880R 38-inch curved monitor and EW2880U 28-inch 4K monitor for entertainment junkies and the GW2785TC 27-inch and GW2485TC 24-inch monitor for young students and busy professionals.

As the gifting season approaches, consumers should look no further than BenQ’s unique gifts that are perfect for this hyper-digital world. These monitor screens incorporate upgraded eyecare technologies designed to reduce eye strain and provide specialised features such as HDRi and Truesound by treVolo speakers in the EW series, or a built-in noise-cancelling microphone and dedicated learning modes for the GW series, making them ideal gifts for work or leisure this Christmas.

EW3800R 38-inch curved and EW2880U 28-inch 4K monitors provide a high-quality cinematic entertainment experience

For Korean drama fans, the EW3880R 38-inch curved monitor and EW2880U 28-inch 4K monitor screens upgrade your entertainment viewing experience at home. The EW3880R 38 inch 21:9 ultra-wide viewing brings stunning visual performance and an immersive experience with HDRi technology, enhancing HDR content with intelligent control.

BenQ EW3880R 38-inch curved monitor

It also supports a 24P frame rate to bring an authentic cinematic experience with WQHD+ (3840x 1600) resolution. Audiophiles can delight in a high-quality sensory experience as truesound by treVolo provides crisp audio through two speakers, complete with an in-built 8W subwoofer to enjoy your latest movies.

BenQ EW2880U 28-inch 4K monitor

At the same time, the remote control enables users to adjust audiovisual settings from the comfort of their seats quickly. Finally, the EW series monitors support various display interfaces, including USB-C with 60W power delivery for quick charging. The EW2880U 28-inch 4K monitor is also available to fit smaller spaces.

The GW2785TC 27-inch and GW2485TC 24-inch monitors for productivity and eye protection for busy professionals and students

In today’s hybrid work environment, inbuilt productivity features of monitors keep young professionals focused in the office or in the comfort of their homes. The built-in noise-cancelling microphone is engineered to filter out background noise to give meeting attendees clear audio — even in noisy environments — while Dialogue Mode makes voices audible during calls and online video meetings.


Meanwhile, BenQ has launched a suite of learning capabilities to encourage professionals to acquire new skills. For instance, coders will find improved efficiency in coding sessions and in realising software projects with Coding Mode, which brings out colours in text for easy distinguishing of strings of code.

Care Mode protects eyes by lowering the on-screen brightness and colour saturation for more comfortable viewing. Finally, the ePaper mode filters harmful blue light, prevents eye fatigue for blog content and provides a natural online reading experience.

For a complete workstation setup, two to four monitors can be connected via Daisy Chain for a multi-monitor setup, providing extra screen real estate and a decluttered workspace.

BenQ has also launched a brand new software, Eye-careU, to ensure optimum eye health. This software will be first featured in the GW2485TC, GW2785TC and EW2880U monitor screens.

From screen time reminders to adaptive brightness, BenQ Eye-CareU blends software and hardware for the most comfortable viewing experience. Consumers can easily access eye-comfort features with just one click.

In addition, both GW and EW series feature BenQ’s eyecare technology, including Brightness Intelligence, and the GW series features upgraded Low Blue Light Plus to protect your eyes.

Certified by Eyesafe, Low Blue Light Plus works by filtering out the shorter, higher energy blue-violet radiation harmful to the eyes while preserving blue hues in images to maintain colour accuracy.

“Ten years ago, BenQ pioneered eyecare innovation with the release of the world’s first flicker-free and low blue light screen displays. This is ever more relevant today, as we continue to experience higher screen time after the pandemic”, said Jeffrey Liang, President of BenQ Asia Pacific.

“As the digital display company with the longest-running commitment to eyecare in the market, we continue to encourage our consumers to adopt good eyecare habits, complementing this with enhanced home productivity and entertainment setups through the holiday season”.

Both EW and GW series features a USB Type-C port that delivers fast audio, video, and 60 watt-quick charging of mobile devices via a single cable.

The EW3880R 38-inch curved monitor retails at SGD1579 and the EW2880U 28-inch 4K monitor will retail at SGD579 and are now available on Shopee and Lazada.

The GW2785TC 27-inch monitor will retail at SGD419 and GW2485TC 24-inch monitor will retail at SGD379. Both will be available from 10 Dec on Shopee and Lazada.