A Peek at True Beauty… and the Beast!

It’s been a rocky ride for Disney’s live action adaptation of their animated classics. 2010’s Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton was not only lacklustre but also wholly unnecessary. It also set somewhat of an uneven intent for the live action movement as it was less of an adaptation and more of a sequel.

2014’s Maleficent was certainly a superior attempt but ultimately played more like a well-strung together series of deleted scenes from a live action Sleeping Beauty movie we’ve never heard of.

It was only with 2015’s Cinderella that this animation to live action effort seems to be worthy of any attention or continued attempts.

And, it turns out, it was a good thing that Disney didn’t give up, ’cause this year’s Jungle Book by Disney veteran Jon Favreau has already made it clear that these adaptations have their own place in Disney’s library of classics alongside their original animation.

Of course, this optimism is only if we all agree to remove Alice Through the Looking Glass from our collective memories.

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Regardless of the failures and successes that came before however, the announcement of Beauty and the Beast was mostly met with excitement–in no small part thanks to the casting of Beauty come real: Emma Watson.

And while we’ve had to make do with the teaser for a good 6 months now, Disney’s finally release the first trailer and a proper look at the film, making it very clear that they mean it when they say “beauty.”

See, beauty!

The adaptation looks so great that I’m not even gonna bitch that there doesn’t seem to be enough beastliness about the Beast (still say he should be blue and speak like Frasier Crane).

Accompanying this is a new poster:



Beauty and the Beast hits theatres March 2017.