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Baymax! is a Wholesome Romp Lacking Big Hero Magic

Baymax! captures the cute innocence of the character, but misses the mark on what made Big Hero 6 great in the first place

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Fun, wholesome fun fit for all ages
Baymax, Aunt Cass, Hiro are all voiced by the original actors
Easily digestible quick episodes
Really kinda misses the point of Big Hero 6's strengths
Feels like a safe, inconsequential continuation of the franchise

2014’s Big Hero 6 was essentially the perfect superhero movie. Functioning like the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 1 but compressed into a singular a family-friendly movie, Big Hero 6 was an in-depth reminder that the best superhero stories could be enjoyed by both kids and adults, while also exemplifying that even unfaithful adaptations could yield great results.

Oddly enough, the movie has been largely left unaccompanied, with only a TV series to pick up as a sequel (admittedly an incredibly successful, three seasons-long TV series), concluding in 2021. And now, the movie’s legacy continues in a series of animated shorts focusing on breakout character Baymax.

Which is cool and all, but… why?

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So, Baymax sells. There’s no doubt that this white, cuddly, inflatable version was a well-calculated move to spawn one of the more endearing fan favourites of modern Disney animations, right up there with Frozen’s Olaf. So giving him his own show certainly makes sense, and assembling it as a series of shorts which eventually link up at the very end is a smart way of keeping the spotlight on the character while also appealing to a younger audience.

It also feels like a waste of a great franchise.

Along with Baymax, both Hiro and Aunt Cass return with Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, and Maya Rudolph all reprising their roles from the movie and the preceding series, but the rest of the team are especially noticeable in their absence. Not that the plot particularly calls for them–it is, after all, a Baymax specific show–but with even Aunt Cass and Hiro more or less sidelined for the bulk of the series, it feels almost like the original appeal of Big Hero 6 has been more or less forgotten.

While Baymax was undoubtedly a fan favourite in the film, much of his charm and strength as a character lay in his interactions with the group of misfits with whom he was to save the world. And also much of that was explored in the Big Hero 6 TV series sequel, and Baymax! Kinda makes it clear that, for all of his appeal, the character is best with his team.

But this is not to say the series isn’t good, or unenjoyable. Baymax’s appeal is undeniable, and the interactions with his original co-stars, especially Aunt Cass, is good fun. Each episode’s plot is simple, to the point, and easily digestible, but all somewhat forgettable–at least until we hit the finale.

Perhaps there may be more in store for the Big Hero 6 team in the future. Or maybe, as is so common now, the next film will be a reboot of sorts. But whatever it is, I just wanna know if a sequel would be entitled Bigger Hero 6 or Big Hero 7!

Baymax! is now streaming on Disney+!