Batman V Superman: Dawn of Speculation

“Today is a day for truth.”

Right you are, Senator, and the truth is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is shaping up to be the superhero blockbuster of 2016.

[Editor’s Note: Some of us still have money riding on Captain America: Civil War. #justsaying]

With no less than seven superhero movies coming out in 2016, with offerings such as Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Captain America: Civil War and X-Men: Apocalypse and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s success thus far, it would be no surprise to think that the DC movies would be overshadowed.

Batman and Superman, however, clearly have no intention of letting Marvel continue to trump them. Directed by Zack Snyder, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the second movie in the DC Cinematic Universe, following Man of Steel.

Despite the financial success of Man of Steel, however, many found problems with the lack of adherence to the Superman of the comic books.

Also, there was this inexplicable scene:

Fortunately, the San Diego Comic-Con trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice indicates that this may quite possibly be the most faithful adaptation of the comic books yet. Especially Batman, down to the demeanour, the costumes, and the general badass-ery.

The trailer also drops numerous references and easter eggs to the DC Universe, while also displaying a great attention to detail:


SuperalienIn Man of Steel, Superman and Zod collectively destroyed Metropolis about three times over, with little true consequences for the supposed hero. He even made out with Lois Lane! Well, looks like the public is fed up with that. (The destruction, not making out with Amy Adams… although it’s a pretty valid reason)

In the trailer, it is made clear that many people are not in approval of Superman’s actions, to the point where he has to answer for his actions in the Supreme Court, with hundreds of protestors picketing outside.

However, the Last Son of Krypton isn’t hated by all. With a somewhat divine analogy of the character introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the metaphor continues to take precedence in how the world views him. Some literally worship him:

In fact, it’s even possible that a faction of Superman’s ‘devotees’ may have taken things too far, forming their own army in his name.
Super-ArmyNot that he looks too happy about it…

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