Marvel and SquareEnix Assemble for Avengers Reassemble

Marvel has announced its latest big project and… it’s a game!

*Cue cryptic teaser*

Well… nothing much, really. But, holy hell, SquareEnix! That’s certainly something to anticipate.

This, apparently, was the big news that Marvel teased a couple of days back. Sadly, the trailer doesn’t really give us much to really speculate on… except for the obvious bit that the Avengers have been disassembled and now will be reassembled.

What’s really worth looking forward to here is that this might be the first good Marvel game since Deadpool. Generally all the movie-based games have kinda either sucked or fallen flat, and if it wasn’t for DC’s Arkham series and Injustice, competent superhero games would honestly be fictional.

And because Marvel just doesn’t do anything small (not to mention that they’re working with a company that has like a thousand instalments of a game series with the word “Final” in its name) this announcement also includes the little fact that this is but the first game in a multi-title deal. So expect sequels, and phases, and many more games to come!

So let’s hope this game doesn’t suck.

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