Arrow Submerges into Dark Waters

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Picking up from a rollercoaster of a crossover is never going to be an easy task for any writer’s room. While not as excellent as the previous episode, the mid-season finale does manage to retain most of the show’s energy.

The Ring

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For a guy who really loves the Green Arrow’s new happy side, an episode titled Dark Waters really did have ominous signs. After the brush with Vandal Savage, team Arrow shifts its focus back to Damien Darhk. Following up on his threat to Mayoral candidate Queen over the Star City bay, his ‘ghosts’ attack Ollie’s event. This forces Oliver Queen to make a bold move against Damien Darhk, which endangers the rest of Team Arrow.

Darth Damien_2
Damien lives up to his Darhk mantle by posing the most formidable threat team Arrow has faced. Yes, I say this keeping Ra’s al Ghul, Deathstroke and Savage in mind. Not only is he gifted with powers, his charisma and confidence sends chills down my spine.

His morbid retaliation to Oliver’s bold move left me as shell-shocked as the characters on the scene. While we do see less of the Green Arrow, Ollie’s character is strengthened extremely well this week, showing us the hero who fights in the light of day.

The episode also looks to explore Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, especially after we see him keeping a huge secret from her. With the shows producers hinting that Ollie’s secret will have its consequences, it was really exciting to see where the couple would head.

The flashback sequences are still unable to captivate me, as there is no direction for the audience to follow. We end up just looking at events occurring at Lian Yu with no idea what it is leading to.

As Damien’s threat moves on to its next stage, Team Arrow really has its work cut out for them.

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The Darhk side
Darth Damien_1
With Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens less than a week away, we could forgive the CW for going into Star Wars mode with Damien Darhk using the force choke on the Green Arrow. May the Force be with Team Arrow!

Remember this ship from season 2? In the comics and animated series, Amazo was the name of an evil android with the ability to borrow the abilities of heroes by just looking at them. Dr Anthony Ivo, who, in the show, was the captain of the ship, created him.

Gas Chambers
Oliver's Darhk Place
In this morbid reference, Damien Darhk likens his project at Star City to the Nazis gas chamber massacres in the late-1930s.

Before I go on to the next theory, I would like to issue a STRONG spoiler warning! Please watch the show before you read on from this point!

That Grave
Early on, at the end of the season premiere, we see Oliver by the side of a tomb, claiming that it is his responsibility to kill Damien Darhk for seemingly putting a character in that grave. At the end of the mid-season finale, we see Felicity shot and motionless in Oliver Queen’s hands. Could she be the one in that grave?


It can’t be and here’s why. Firstly, Oliver is there alone. Barry says he couldn’t make it for the funeral, as he was busy with Zoom. While I would understand that, it seems unlikely that he would miss the funeral given how close he is to her.

Secondly, and the biggest giveaway of them all, the scene at the grave occurs 6 months from the events of the season premiere, where Ollie and Felicity return to Star City to join Team Arrow. In this episode, Felicity explicitly mentions that it has been three months since they moved back to Star City. So, unless you mean to say her funeral was held back three months and Barry still could not find time to meet his good friend, Felicity Smoak is NOT going to be the one to go into that grave.