Arrow: Legends of Yesterday

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Great banter and chemistry
Most if not all actors are on spot for their characters
Vandal kinda needs to up his game
Do we really need another Ollie and Felicity break up arc this season?

This is one of the closest things we’ll get to seeing the Justice League on television. With no less than 7 (!) heroes just standing and staring down the big bad… chills are to be expected.
Arrow also benefitted from being the second show to be aired: while The Flash was saddled with the set-up, Arrow reaped most of the benefits. Both episodes were good, but Arrow was just better.

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Plus, there was more humour in the first five minutes of this episode than the first three seasons of Arrow. The endless quips and humour were much appreciated, especially in a show that isn’t known for being outright funny. Then again, this was possibly the Flashiest episode so far, so it isn’t surprising that it was much more light-hearted than the usual Arrow fare. There were just so many quotable lines this episode, pretty much everybody had at least one.

We’ve seen brooding Oliver Queen, and we’ve seen happy Oliver Queen, and now, we get to see vulnerable, lonely and torn Oliver Queen.
Oliver and William
With the revival of a subplot from season 2 of Arrow (that was revisited in season 1 of The Flash), we get to see Oliver’s son, William… who likes the Flash more than the Green Arrow. D’awww. That being said, it was a very heartwarming scene, watching Oliver gaze upon his son and trying to hold back all the things that he wants to say to him. Stephen Amell acted the heck out of that scene.

"I could be the new Old Spice fellow." -Hawkdouche
“I could be the new Old Spice fellow.”

Also, props to Falk Hentschell putting in a commendable shift as Hawkman, and Cisco being like, twice the usual Cisco.

Honestly, pretty much every actor was involved, but for an episode of Arrow, there was very little Laurel. Like, very, very little. As much as I used to dislike Laurel, I think Katie Cassidy has really grown into her role, and I still hold out a little for Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen to eventually get together, y’know?

If anything, my problem lies with Vandal Savage,who still lacks the oomph to be a scary ass villain. He’s just missing that raw edge, the charisma that defines Damien Darhk or simply being a scary ass like Zoom.
Vandal Savage_2
Hopefully, Legends of Tomorrow can build on who or what Vandal Savage really is: after all, a literally immortal villain should show up from time to time in the Flarrowverse. (I’m gonna make ‘Flarrowverse‘ a thing.)

All in all, this episode is still brilliant, and possibly the best Arrow episode so far in this season. The chemistry between the two casts is just ridiculously good, and Barry and Oliver always brings out the best in each other.

Also, c’mon, Oliver finally hugged! It’s always just so goddamn fun to see these crossovers, and I wish that they will never end.

The flashbacks, unfortunately, were actually worse than the usual ones:
“Priestess, you spoke with quite the tongue.”
“Did I over act?”
“No, I love your tongue.”
… Thank god for biceps.

Oh, and that thing he’s hiding from Felicity? Totally coming back to bite him in his perfectly toned ass.

Also, we now know who to thank for Legends of Tomorrow, guys:

Seriously, what a dick!
Seriously, what a dick!

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Next week on Arrow:

[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

Thea: Bunch of superheroes in a farmhouse? Feel like I’ve seen that in a movie before.

Wears red leather, fights crime, and watches Avengers?

Marry me.
Marry me.

Yep, that’s an Avengers: Age of Ultron reference alright.

And also, quite possibly a Smallville reference! After all, the last time we saw a speedster, an emerald archer and a winged warrior, it was in the feature length episode of SmallvilleAbsolute Justice.

Barry Allen saying “Hope.”
Blue Lantern Flash
I don’t know if I’m reading too much into it, but it just feels like all the DCTV shows have been teasing the Lantern Corps greatly this past week. Please, please, it would be a dream come true to see the Lantern Corps come to life in the Flarrowverse. (See, that’s already the second time somebody’s said ‘Flarrowverse.’)