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Winning Hands
Felicity Smoak
Of White and Black Canaries
Small Blind
Double Down only half as intimidating
Anyone know why Emily Bett Rickard hasn't been replying my e-mails?

“Since when has Arrow been an amazing show?” “Since always!”

A week has passed; another amazing Arrow episode has aired. And CW does not look to be slowing down at all, as they churn out episode after episode of pure awesomeness. Ah… I could get used to this life. Which is why, my friends, if you have yet to catch this episode, please do so! If you have already caught it, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no harm in watching it again!

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Meet Double Down. Pretty much a cross between Tattooed Man and Gambit, comic fans would remember Jeremy Tell’s origin as having an accursed deck of cards bonded to his body. In the show, however, it would appear he was getting a tattoo during the Star Labs accident—offering a greater connection between CW’s superhero shows. So anyway, his power allows him to peel off the card tattoos on his body to use as throwing cards. Pretty dope, eh?

But what is concerning with this episode is that even with powers as dangerous as that, this metahuman was barely a threat to Team Arrow. While I do know how capable Ollie is, Double Down was defeated way too easily by him, Diggle and even Felicity! (I’m not entirely complaining about that last one)

Having said that, one possible reason why Mr Tell seemed underwhelming could be because Mr Dahrk completely stole the show. I mean really, completely stole the show. Much like the season premiere, Neal McDonaugh is impeccable at portraying Team Arrow’s most formidable opponent yet. His performance, combined with the way the character is written, is truly intimidating. Never have I feared a TV show villain like this. His abilities, unpredictability, power and intensity really point towards Dahrk possibly being the DC TV Universe’s best villain yet. Thinking about Dahrk’s involvement in today’s episode still gives me goosebumps. Amazing.

A close second to Damien Dahrk this week would be Felicity Smoak. From her classic cute lines with pop references like OG to her going gansta’ herself, wielding a submachine gun, Felicity was the ultimate badass this episode, and it has been long overdue. The beauty with brains that has ventured into badassery, Ms Smoak has put herself on the front line, proving to everyone that all of Original Team Arrow (OTA) is capable of heroism.

Personally, I think the best Felicity moment was her putting her foot down to end the friction between Oliver and Diggle to get the two hotheads to reconcile. Do I really need any more reasons to love her?

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[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

Parlour Tricks
Parlour Tricks
Damien Dahrk shows off his powers to Mina Fayad and comments that it is just a parlor trick. Evidently, we haven’t seen the extent of his abilities but this shows it could be way more than we ever imagined. Team Arrow really has its work cut out now.

Quiver (?)
Badass Felicity
With most of the Arrow-cave destroyed by Double Down’s visit (though it was mostly Felicity destroying it), Ollie mentions that he has a surprise planned. My theory is probably that he is building a new Arrow-cave with better features. Could they maybe call it the “Quiver”, as Harley Quinn’s repeatedly suggested in Injustice?

White Canary
Sara Lance
YES! It has been done! Sara Lance has been resurrected! Those who have seen the Legends of Tomorrow trailer would know why! (Those who haven’t, I mean seriously! How long has it been already?)

The A.T.O.M.
Felicity’s phone seems to be glitching a lot at Palmer Tech’s lab. From the season 3 finale, you guys would remember that that was where Mr Ray Palmer had his accident messing with nanotech. With him set to appear in Legends too, it is safe enough to say he is alive and probably tiny. Unable to shout his way into Felicity’s ears, he is probably trying to use his technological capabilities to send a message to his former vice-president. Should not be long before we finally get a look at the tiny man!

Possibly the biggest Easter egg of the week! We can see Curtis Holt working on certain spheres with the letter ‘T’ plastered on them. He tells Felicity that it is an autonomous communications device. In the comics, Mister Terrific uses these T-spheres to create holographic images, control electronic devices, erase his image from monitoring devices and in some cases even fly! It is really exciting to see this step being taken towards introducing the superhero into the TV show. Really can’t wait to see when Mister Terrific makes a full appearance on the show.

With two new heroes being introduced (and one to be enlarged soon), Team Arrow seems to be building up the team it needs to take down the looming threat of Damien Dahrk.

With next week’s episode of Arrow returning to Ollie’s newly found political aspirations, my Central City counterpart Guanny caught this on air:

Next week on Arrow: