Arrow’s A Sure-Fire “Candidate” For Action

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Ollie’s character grows further
New characters setting up season very well
Canary’s going towards Yin-Yang
Not Terrific
Misplaced flashbacks
Underdeveloped villains
Still only one 'green' hero

Time really flies by when you have something to look forward to every week. Before I knew it, I was sitting with my eyes glued to the screen, watching our beloved green hood save his city.

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Once again, be warned of spoilers down below. So for those who have yet to watch the second episode: GO WATCH IT!

After his explosive introduction to the Arrow universe, Damien Darhk took a step back this episode for the setting up of a new series villain: Anarky. Batman fans ahoy!

Initially a teenage anti-hero in the Batman comics, an adult Lonnie Machin arrives in Star City to introduce some… anarchy. (Super subtle, am I right?) Trying to prove his worth to Darhk to join H.I.V.E, Machin locks horns with team Arrow.

After being rejected by Darhk and mutilated by Speedy, he finds his calling and fashions his symbol for Anarky. As much as I was excited to see an adaptation of the true agent of chaos (sorry Dark Knight’s Joker), I was slightly disappointed to see his character barely being explored and compressed to just the label of a madman. However, given that this is definitely not the last we have seen of him, I do look forward to a proper treatment of a really exciting character.

Rewinding a little, this episode gives a little more insight to Thea’s character and her current anger management issues. My cries for her underdeveloped character in the season premiere have been silenced with the exploration of her rage subplot.

With the resurfaced issue of the Lazarus Pit, the team finally discloses to Laurel the events that occurred at Nanda Parbat. Yes, my fellow geeks, it is happening! As we would expect, having watched the trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, one Canary’s about to walk into Nanda Parbat… but how many will walk out?

Along with Darhk, Diggle also takes a backseat this episode as more emphasis is placed on Felicity Smoak taking over Palmer Technologies. In the current local turmoil, even Palmer Tech has been hit financially and it is up to (my darling) Felicity to save Ray Palmer’s legacy. Upon returning to the company’s helm, she enlists the help of a certain Curtis Holt (does that ring any bells?) to help save the company. But more on that later in the Easter Eggs section.

Being the fanboy I am, as much as these events were extremely exciting, the highlight of the show is still Oliver Queen. Having swerved his broody Arrow image to a much more inspirational Green Arrow, Oliver Queen aims to do something similar to his playboy-ish (close to Bruce Wayne-ish) image. He decides to step forward into the day and be a hero for his city around the clock. While I shall not reveal what exactly he decided to do, let’s just say Oliver Queen will now become as much a hero as the Green Arrow.

While most of the episode was promising, the most iconic portion of the Arrow series is the biggest letdown thus far. They may have gotten away with the ill-placed flashback scenes in Coast City in the premiere by teasing the heck out of Hal Jordan; but there is absolutely no excuse for how weak this week’s flashbacks were.

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Originally, these flashbacks were used effectively to help the audience understand how Queen’s experiences in Lian Yu and Hong Kong helped him become the man he is in the present. This time around though, the flashbacks seem to be incredibly misplaced and tends to bring you out of the moment. They don’t even relate to the current situation like they did previously. Hopefully, this is something remedied over time.

[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

A for Anarky.

The new character leaves his mark in Star City, promising that we have not seen the last of him just yet.

Curtis Holt

Oh, so much to say here. While not exactly of the same name, DC’s Justice Society of America comics includes a character named Michael Holt, otherwise known as Mr Terrific. The second person to use that codename, Michael was a genius and an athlete known for making his billions via programmes and technology.

Accompanied by his trusted T-Spheres, Mr Terrific was a long time leadership figure in the JSA, working alongside the likes of Alan Scott, Ted Grant and… Jay Garrick. That’s right, another well-placed pawn for an epic crossover.

More interestingly, keeping in mind that Michael Holt was the second Mr Terrific, and this dude’s name is Curtis Holt, it’s possible that Curtis may face an untimely end only to be replaced by his husband, possibly named Michael, a la the Canaries.

Lazarus Pit

Mentioned once more, the pit of resurrection looks to bring on a certain dead bird back to the hero’s wing. Yes! White Canary’s coming!

Love Fern

Okay, not exactly an Easter Egg, but in popular culture, a fern signifies a couple working together and taking up the responsibility of taking care of something.

While some major re-working is needed for this season’s flashbacks, things are currently shaping up to be really promising, and I’m definitely pumped for the rest of the season.

Next week on Arrow: Green Arrow vs. Gambit!