Annabelle Creation – An Unnecessary Origin

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If you thought things couldn’t get more boring or blander than 2014’s Annabelle, a prequel to the wildly popular The Conjuring, then Annabelle Creation is here to prove you wrong.

A prequel to the prequel of a movie which introduced the doll for all of 5 minutes, Annabelle Creation makes it very clear right from the beginning that its script is strong enough for a 10-minute film, but will be dragged far longer in hopes of qualifying for a theatrical release.

Unfortunately, the script doesn’t do much to help the situation with a tad too many characters crowding the scenes and with not enough lines to share between themselves. Throw in a demonic entity whose motives and abilities are largely ambiguous and it results in audience just looking at each other wondering what the hell’s going on.

Frustratingly, the movie not only resorts to the cheap shock factor of recent horror flicks, but also to poor CGI to depict the demon that looks less like a malevolent entity and more like a Mortal Kombat reject.

Sadly, director David Sandberg of Lights Out fame, and actress Lulu Wilson of Ouija: Origin of Evil, both talented in the horror genre are seemingly squandered in this.

Rounding of the cast are even more talented actors like Anthony LaPaglia, Miranda Otto, and Narcos‘ Stephanie Sigman, all of whom are never really given a chance to shine thanks to the movie’s intermittent cutting and jarring pacing.

Annabelle: Creation is out in all theatres now… and totally worth skipping.