Annabelle Comes Home Empty-Handed

Shock tactics, jump scares and a predictable plot - all too familiar

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Ever wondered what would happen if you took a bunch of episodes from The CW’s Supernatural and made a movie out of it, Annabelle Comes Home delivers us something along those lines.

When Annabelle herself is inadvertently let out of her glass prison, she rallies her group of new found friends to terrorize the unsuspecting inhabitants of the house.

The seventh movie of the Conjuring Universe is a standalone and self contained story focusing on the Warrens’ ten year old daughter Judy and her friends. It shows us what could go wrong when you leave a psychic kid and two teenagers alone in a house stocked with haunted artifacts.

Apart from jumpscares and intense foreboding music, we also get to see how Judy’s social life is affected due to her parents’ occupation. Society can be a cruel place for a child who regularly sees dead people and coupled with the fact that the entire school knows what her parents do for a living. However with the introduction of her babysitter and her friend, the mood is lightened.

There’s a family friendly element to the movie with the inclusion of a romantic element to Judy’s babysitter. The sweet, chivalrous and cheesy boy did win me over by the end of the movie, and he did have some of the funnier lines.

Comedy was scarcely but appropriately used, something I can appreciate given that horror movies in recent times tend to try too hard in this department. Chill out guys, we didn’t come to laugh, we came to quiver and cower in fear!

The film is written and directed by Gary Dauberman in his directorial debut. Utilising the same format of horror movie making of well timed suspenseful music, quick cuts and jumpscares, Anabelle Comes Home doesn’t stray far from its predecessors. (Although I’m still looking forward to a horror movie that’s able to make an impact otherwise)

If you want your date clinging to you in suspense and horror, this could be a good date night movie for you. The movie has some heartfelt moments during and at the end of the movie. So don’t worry, the soul of the ten year old is safe and sound – for now.

Anabelle Comes Home is out now in theatres, but if you wait for a week you can watch Spider-Man: Far From Home instead!

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