Alto’s Adventure is Flippin’ Fantastic

What is truly awesome about the game is how accurately it manages to capture the ethereal experience that one would imagine to get whilst snowboarding. The graphics are breathtaking, and captured the attention of just about every busybody looking over my shoulder as I played the game.

Your character is but a small fly against the vast backdrop that manages to be impressive despite its flat-graphic style. It is constantly changing and alternates between day, night, rain and shine (there are even lens flare effects). This occasionally poses a visibility challenge, but only at night or when it rains—but pleasantly adds to the challenge of the gameplay.

To nitpick, the only mild flaws in the game are that power-ups or characters sometimes prove insignificant, but you won’t really feel these because of how well balanced the game is (what’s missing can usually be replaced/will not drag you down).

Ultimately, Alto’s Adventure is a game worth downloading, and definitely, keeping. In the event that you do get bored during a long sitting, you’re definitely going to want to come back for more because the game is a breath of fresh air from the usual, impatient game experience that endless-run games offer. Combined with a soothing ambience and well-paced obstacles, the game has potential to be a classic.

The game is free on the Android Playstore and Amazon Kindle and is definitely worth buying for iOS users looking for an experience that is relaxing, and promises long-term playability.

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