Alt Pizza – An Alternative for Your Pizza Fix

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Huge chains such as Dominos, Canadian Pizza and Pizza Hut have been dominating the pizza industry for years. In contrast, we have the smaller chainlike skinny pizza restaurants that serve more gourmet style pizzas that are pretty tiny and not very filling. Thankfully, we now have another option in Alt Pizza, a contemporary pizza bar with outlets at Suntec, Katong and, a newly opened one at Robertson Quay, where I was recently invited to review.

With its neon lights and furniture style, the restaurant exudes a pretty chill American Diner feel. Coupled with their pop-culture parody posters and similarly inspired menu items, it’s easy for your first impression of Alt Pizza be that you are no longer in Kansas… or that you actually might be in Kansas, and no longer in Singapore.

While the service staff were friendly and attentive, what really amazed me was the speed at which the pizzas arrived. Being accustomed to the aforementioned joints, I usually expect quite a wait for pizzas to reach my table. However, in a very brief 10 minutes after placing my order, I was happily scoffing down my pizza.

As important as ambience and service are to a great meal experience, the real slice of it would be the menu itself!

Despite offering a decent variety of starters, pizzas and drinks, not all of it stood out so much—mainly, the starter. While satisfactory in whetting your appetite, it fails to match up to expectations and comes across as pretty routine. However, this is of little matter as the menu knows what it’s good at, and, boy, does it deliver!

Pizzas, pizzas and, oh wait! more pizzas. With a variety of pizzas to choose from, the menu also serves you a chuckle or two with names like ‘the hangover’ and ‘truffle shuffle’.

But what truly got me was the option to build a D.I.Y pizza! With build-it-yourself items becoming more and more regular, Alt Pizza goes the step ahead to ensure that your one-off meal is an experience worth remember with the opportunity to win weekly prizes! Just take photos of your creations, post them on Instagram, and stand a chance to win some pretty awesome stuff!

While good food tends to mean that the focus on drinks may be compromised, Alt Pizza suffers no such thing. Priding themselves for their Lost Coast craft beers, the menu certainly doesn’t lack in the amber-live-giving-liquid department… and it tastes amazing! And even if beer isn’t your thing, they do have a good selection of wines to choose from.

With the only negative point about Alt Pizza being that their D.I.Y range is rather limited and can get a little pricey as you increase your pizza toppings, I’ll still be sure to return to Alt Pizza in the near future!