Alleviate Ailments with Herbal Pharm’s Singapore-Centric Supplements

Since its founding in 2004, Herbal Pharm, a Singaporean nutraceutical company, has been devoted to promoting the health and well-being of Singaporeans, enhancing their quality of life.

In response to the unique challenges posed by urban living and the hot, humid climate of Singapore, Herbal Pharm has developed a range of premium, targeted nutraceutical products.


Notable offerings include the Dia-Med Nopal Cactus supplement, which supports healthy sugar levels and energy; the i360 eye supplement, which mitigates dry eye symptoms; and the NutraJoint Gold Flex and Traditional Aleppo Soap 30% Laurel Oil, which provide joint care and relief from eczema or atopic dermatitis in hot, humid conditions.


Additionally, the Bladder Support Formula assists those with urinary incontinence, bladder control issues, or urinary tract infections.

Herbal Pharm’s dedication to their “For a Better You” philosophy permeates their distribution channels, communications, quality, and customer experience.

Their island-wide, same-day delivery service ensures accessibility, while ongoing health and product knowledge is shared through a variety of channels and platforms.


The company procures globally certified ingredients from Bio EU and GMP accredited suppliers, and their quality control system is ISO-certified.

With a team of over 25 trained customer service staff, Herbal Pharm offers personalized assistance, guaranteeing the best experience for their customers.


Moreover, Herbal Pharm actively engages in social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. The company has transitioned from plastic packaging to environmentally friendly aluminum cans, encouraging customers to collect and recycle supplement bottles.

They have also participated in Mediacorp’s 2021 Care and Share Programme and partnered with WWF-Singapore’s Plastic Action (PACT).


Herbal Pharm continues to be a passionate Singaporean nutraceutical company dedicated to addressing the distinct needs of Singaporeans.
Their locally-focused supplements tackle health issues arising from urban living and the hot, humid climate. Their commitment to “For a Better You” is apparent in every aspect of their business.

Furthermore, Herbal Pharm‘s sustainability and social responsibility efforts demonstrate their commitment to going above and beyond, and to deliver high-quality products that support a healthier lifestyle.