Afterpulse: The Next Generation of Mobile Warfare

Afterpulse, The next generation of online mobile shooters has launched globally.

Developed by Digital Legends Entertainment and published by GAMEVIL, Afterpulse packs unreal graphics and live multiplayer matches into a mobile interface for an unprecedented gaming experience.

Leveraging on Apple’s Metal API and 64-bit support, Afterpulse maximizes graphical possibilities on mobile. The use of full physically based deferred rendering, HDR post processing and skeletal animations with ragdolls results in photorealistic surroundings and movements that transport players onto the battlefield. Every detail from lighting and shadows to smoke and crossfire has been carefully crafted to simulate real-life skirmishes in post-apocalyptic urban environments.

On top of its top-notch graphics, Afterpulse also boasts enhanced online matchmaking for thrilling free-for-all battles and 8-player Team Deathmatch games. Using zone server technology, each match is made with optimal player experience in mind.

When they’re not facing off against each other, players can expand and personalize their arsenal and hone in their shooting skills through quick two-and-a-half minute training sessions. Players can choose their own battle style with seven types of weapons – Handgun, Shotgun, Assault, SMG, LMG, Sniper and Rockets – and power up, combine and evolve their firearms for limitless possibilities

Afterpulse is currently available on App Store in Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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