AFC – New Asian Muay Thai Promotion Launches in Singapore

For the first time in Singapore, Muse Fitness Singapore and Axseed Events have come together to jointly organise the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC) on 23 September 2017.

Top champion fighters from Korea (Seung Bum Woo and Yoo Deok Jae), Macau (Chao Wai Ian, Ieong Pan and Kuan Wei Hou), Malaysia (Muhammad Ali Yaakub) will be making their first appearance and fight against Singapore’s homegrown fighters promising an action-packed September evening!

Asia Fighting Championship (AFC), a new brand and concept entirely conceived in Singapore, aims to unite different nations through the provision of a professional platform to showcase the talent in the sport worldwide. This cross collaboration aims to establish the Asia Fighting Championship as the globally recognised arena for Muay Thai artistes; selecting and recruiting the best athletes across all nations.

Fully sanctioned by the World Muaythai Council (WMC) and Amateur Muaythai Association Singapore (AMAS), AFC will see the launch of specially designed belts for four different weight classes.

“Asia Fighting Championship aims to unite different nations through a provision of a professional platform for the showcase of the talent in the sport of Muay Thai world-wide. As a team, we aim to make the Asia Fighting Championship a globally recognized component of the sports world today, united in our dream of ‘beautifying the Art of Thai Boxing’ and going regional. In doing this, we could have not chosen a better partner than Axseed Events Pte. Ltd,” said Sasidharan Unnithan from Muse Fitness Singapore.

AFC will feature the absolute best in local and international Muay Thai talent, further enhancing the future and the art of Thai Boxing. It is only since 2016 that Muay Thai has been recognised as an Olympic sport.

“It’s exciting to be part of a project that resonates with the larger community. Muay Thai, although an ancient form of martial art, is still considered a growing sport in its infant stages.  Together with Muse Fitness, we believe now is the opportune time to bring Muay Thai into the mainstream and establish AFC as the most exciting platform for the showcase of Muay Thai artistes around the World,” said Buck from Axseed Events Pte Ltd.



The stable of fighters include an impressive lineup of some of the regions best fighters and champions with more to be announced at a later date:

  • Seung Bum Woo (Korea)
  • Yoon Deok Jae (Korea)
  • Chao Wai Ian (Macau)
  • Ieong Pan (Macau)
  • Kuan Wai Hou (Macau)
  • Muhammad Ali Yaakub (Malaysia)
  • Brandon Ng (National Team Singapore)
  • Hao Xun Ke
  • Cheryl Gwa (National Team Singapore)
  • Bryan Tee (National Team Singapore)
  • Lee Dejun (National Team Singapore)

WMC’s spokesperson, Mervyn Tan, World Muaythai Council Singapore Director General, stated:

“The World Muaythai Council (Singapore) applauds the efforts of Asia Fighting Championships (AFC) in its endeavours to find the Champions of Muaythai through seeking the heart and soul of the fighters. In our sport, all those who train Muaythai are winners and it has been often said “It’s always about the journey and never about the destination”.  The truth of these words are known to all who participate in our sport and more so for the competitive athletes who sacrifice their all in the desire to be the best they can be. This is the truth behind the hardest ring sport on God’s Earth and AFC’s portrayal will show the blood, sweat and tears and the very soul of what drives a professional muaythai fighter. Some of the very best athletes/fighters in Asia would be participating and we are sure that it would be an exciting and wonderful series of events.”