The Power of Adam West Resurrects Powerless

It’s no secret that I love Powerless. A brilliant show ahead of the superhero curve, it was also the single most refreshing take on the mass of superhero adaptations occurring right now.

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Unfortunately, between unnecessarily negative reviews and general ambiguity from the beginning, the series was simply not fated to last long.

Nevertheless, before it’s untimely conclusion, the show managed to produce and episode with the late, legendary Adam West.

Known to many of us as THE Caped Crusader, Adam West’s portrayal of the character is transcendent beyond the point of being memorable: he is an icon.

In light of the Bright Knight’s recent passing, DC Entertainment has decided to honour the passing of one of their greatest legacy-bearers by releasing what might be one of his final contributions to geek, and pop, culture.

And you can watch the whole episode here:

Truly, Adam West was a master of both the slapstick and deadpan and will be missed in the many decades to come. Most recently, LA (and other cities) has paid a tribute worthy of an icon’s legacy.

Thankfully, fans will be graced by at least one more Adam West masterpiece.

Batman: The Caped Crusaders vs. Two Face is a sequel to the animated reprisal of the 1960’s Batman TV series featuring the voice talent of Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, and William Shatner as Two Face himself.

While the film may only be released in 2018, West had already recorded all of his lines, so the movie will be unaffected by his passing and will stand as his final contribution to the legacy of the Batman.