A Chat With WOW’s Legion and Demon Hunter Developers

With the latest expansion from World of Warcraft, Legion, just about to launch, we thought it was timely to meet up with Blizzard’s Travis M. Day (Senior Producer) and Adam Kugler (Lead Class Designer) in Singapore and talk about the expansion and the Demon Hunter class.

As senior producer on the World of Warcraft development team at Blizzard Entertainment, Travis Day is responsible for the scheduling, tasking, and coordination of the design department behind the world’s most popular subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game. He works with the content designers, systems designers, level designers, lead designers, and design directors to support, schedule, and facilitate their visions. In addition, Day was responsible for Artifacts, Order Halls, the Demon Hunter class and starting experience, cinematics integration, and numerous other aspects of the Legion expansion.

As lead class designer on the World of Warcraft development team at Blizzard Entertainment, Adam Kugler works on all the playable classes, and for the Legion expansion, this includes the new Demon Hunter class, which Kugler also contributed to in his previous role as senior FX artist. In this capacity, he created most of the FX art assets and prototyped the technology required to achieve the class’s vision.

Travis and Adam share insights on the development of the expansion as well as the role they see the Demon Hunter play in a party.

World of Warcraft: Legion will launch 30 August 2016.