A chat with Bruce Wilkie, Principal Software Engineer for Blizzard’s Overwatch

Overwatch, Blizzard’s first completely new IP in 17 years, finally went live on May 24 2016 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The team-based first-person shooter features 21 diverse characters with unique abilities, personalities and back stories that immerse you in the world of Overwatch, set on a near-future earth embroiled in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.

We got the chance to speak to one of the people behind the Blizzard’s new franchise, Mr. Bruce Wilkie, principal software engineer who works on the engine team at Overwatch Launch Weekend in Singapore (May 28-29). Bruce, a 17-year industry veteran who joined Blizzard Entertainment in 2008 as a senior software engineer working on Project: Titan, shared a little on what it was like developing a brand new franchise, creating a host of new characters and what fans can expect from the game.

Southeast Asia retail prices for Overwatch will retail for the PC at 79.90 SGD / 249 MYR / 2,690 PHP / 2,000 THB / 59.99 USD (digital via Battle.net), and at 81.90 SGD / 269 MYR / 2,990 PHP / 2,300 THB for the PS4/Xbox One.

Overwatch will also be available in a limited-edition, retail-only Collector’s Edition (129.99 USD). More details on the CE availability in Southeast Asia will be announced at a later date.